Dr Mahesh Poudyal - Staff Profile

Dr Mahesh Poudyal
Postdoctoral Research Officer, P4ges Project

Thoday Room G1

Tel: 01248 382452

Email: m.poudyal@bangor.ac.uk


BSc (Hons) (York) – Environment, Economics and Ecology
Master of Resource Management (Simon Fraser, Canada)
PhD (York) – Environment and Politics


Personal website

P4ges project website

The website of the conservation science group at Bangor (conservation@Bangor)


Recent Publications

Poudyal, M., Ramamonjisoa, B.S., Hockley, N.J., Rakotonarivo, S.O., Gibbons, J.M., Mandimbiniaina, R., Rasoamanana, A., Jones, J.P.G. (2016) Can REDD+ social safeguards reach the ‘right’ people? Lessons from Madagascar. Global Environmental Change. doi:10.1016/j.gloenvcha.2016.01.004