Dr Karina Anne Marsden

Dr Karina Anne Marsden
Postdoctoral Research Officer

Email: k.marsden@bangor.ac.uk
Tel: 01248 383052

Location: Environment Centre Wales (2nd Floor)

Responsibilities within SENRGy/BU

I am a postdoctoral research officer on a NERC funded research project, titled ‘Uplands-N2O’ in collaboration with Bangor University, Rothamsted Research, Swansea University, Texas A&M University-Kingsville and Leicester University. My role within the project is to quantify emissions of nitrous oxide, a powerful greenhouse gas, from excreta deposited by sheep grazing in upland regions.

I sit on the CNS Women’s Network Steering committee and the SENRGy Athena Swan self-assessment team. I am the CNS representative for the Researcher Development and Concordat Group and the post-doctoral representative for the SENRGy Research Committee.

Qualifications and Membership of Professional Bodies

BSc (Hons) Environmental Science, Bangor University

PhD, Soil and Environmental Science, Bangor University

Member of British Society of Soil Science

Research Interests

Nitrogen cycling in agroecosystems, plant-soil-microbe interactions, greenhouse gas emissions, methods and techniques for monitoring N2O emissions from soil, rhizosphere processes.



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