Professor A.S. Pullin - Staff Profile

Prof Pullin

Professor Andrew Pullin
Professor in Evidence-based Conservation

Thoday Building, room G1


Tel: 01248 382444 (from U.K.)
+44 1248 382444 (International)


Responsibilities within SENRGY/BU

  • Director of the Centre for Evidence-Based Conservation
  • Member of the Research Committee

Research Interests

My research seeks to improve effectiveness environmental management interventions by providing objective scientific evidence for the development of both policy and practice. Through collaboration and funding from UK Government Agencies I established a Centre for Evidence-Based Conservation (CEBC, in 2003 with the goal of supporting decision making in environmental management through the production and dissemination of systematic reviews and evidence synthesis on the effectiveness of management and policy interventions. With support from a wide range of colleagues, organizations in the environmental and academic sectors I established the ‘Collaboration for Environmental Evidence’ (, which is co-ordinated through the CEBC and other centres, and now acts as both a source of evidence and coordinator of a fast-growing collaborative network undertaking evidence synthesis and providing evidence to inform decision making.


Centre for Evidence-Based Conservation
Collaboration for Environmental Evidence
Society for Conservation Biology

External Positions



  • Editor, Biological Conservation. Elsevier
  • Editor in Chief, Environmental Evidence. BioMed Central


Governance of Conservation/Charitable Organisations

  • Vice-President of British Ecological Society
  • Chair of Membership Services Committee, BES
  • Chair of Trustees of the Collaboration for Environmental Evidence
  • Executive Committee of MISTRA Centre for Evidence-Based Environmental Management – Royal Academy of Sciences, Sweden.


Research Funding Bodies

  • BiodivERsA Evaluation Committee

Recent Publications

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