O. Sarobidy Rakotonarivo - Staff Profile

O. Sarobidy Rakotonarivo
FONASO Research Fellow

Email: s.rakotonarivo@bangor.ac.uk
Thoday Building, Room S1
Skype: sarobidyrakoto


MSc Sustainable Tropical Forestry – SUTROFOR

(Bangor University, Wales and Dresden University, Germany)

MRes Forestry, Rural Development and Environment, University of Antananarivo (ESSA-Forets Madagascar)

BSc in Agricultural Sciences, University of Antananarivo (ESSA-Forets Madagascar)


Responsibilities within SENRGY/BU

I am a PhD fellow under the European Commission’s FONASO Joint Doctorate Programme. My research is co-supervised by Copenhagen University. My research aims to contribute towards an improved understanding of the true local costs of coercive forest conservation in least developed countries and the feasibility and reliability of methods to estimate them. The overall aim is to address the viability of the compensated-coercion mode of forest conservation and explore how more effective compensation regimes can be designed.
Prior to my PhD, I conducted a qualitative research on local REDD+ benefit sharing approaches and forest governance in Tanzania. I have also done researches on the spatial distribution of carbon stocks in biomass and soil in tropical moist and dry forests in Madagascar.

Research Interests

Effectiveness and efficiency of forest conservation programmes (Payments for ecosystem services, community-based forest management and protected areas), Local forest governance and REDD+, Equity in REDD+ benefit sharing mechanisms, Indigenous people’s rights, Forest carbon accounting.



Poudyal, M., Ramamonjisoa, B.S., Hockley, N.J., Rakotonarivo, S.O., Gibbons, J.M., Mandimbiniaina, R., Rasoamanana, A., Jones, J.P.G. (2016) Can REDD+ social safeguards reach the ‘right’ people? Lessons from Madagascar. Global Environmental Change. doi:10.1016/j.gloenvcha.2016.01.004

Scheba, A. and O.S. Rakotonarivo (2013). REDD+, a case of conservation-induced displacement? Exploring the limits of village level democracy in Southern Tanzania. Talk at the International Conference on Development-Induced Displacement and Resettlement: Bridging Research and Practice, Filling the Knowledge gaps – Oxford. 22-23 March 2013

Rakotonarivo, O. S. (2012). REDD+ benefit sharing mechanisms: Enhancing or reducing equity in representation? Learning from the Tanzanian Community Carbon Enterprise Model. Thesis: Submitted in fulfillment of a M.Sc. degree in Sustainable Tropical Forestry (SUTROFOR)

Vieilledent, G., R. Vaudry, S. F. D. Andriamanohisoa, S. O. Rakotonarivo, Z. H. Randrianasolo, H. N. Razafindrabe, C. B. Rakotoarivony, J. Ebeling and M. Rasamoelina (2012). "A universal approach to estimate biomass and carbon stock in tropical forests using generic allometric models." Ecological Applications: 22(2), 572–583

Rakotonarivo, O. S., A. Albrecht and H. Razakamanarivo (2011). Spatial distribution of soil organic carbon under different land use types and implications in REDD+ implementation in Madagascar. Talk at the International symposium on soil organic matter. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium. 11-14 July 2011


Rakotonarivo, O. S., A. Albrecht, G. Vieilledent, R. Vaudry, M. Rasamoelina and H. Razakamanarivo (2011). Spatial distribution of carbon stocks in tropical moist and dry forests in Madagascar. Poster presentation at the British Ecological Society Symposium. University of Cambridge. 28-30 March 2011