Dr Sophie Wynne-Jones - Staff Profile

Dr Sophie Wynne-Jones
Lecturer in Human Geography

Thoday Building, Room F24

Email: s.wynne-jones@bangor.ac.uk

Tel: 01248 382639


Lecturer in Human Geography


2015 PGCTHE. Aberystwyth University
2011 PhD Geography: 'Negotiating Neoliberalism: Engaging Ecosystem Services'; University of Wales Aberystwyth, ESRC 1+3 funded.
2006 Practising Human Geography MA, University of Wales Aberystwyth, ESRC 1+3 funded.
2005 Geography BA, University of Wales Aberystwyth, UWA full scholarship.

Research Interests

  • Political-Ecology
  • Human-Nature Relations
  • Food and Agriculture
  • Governance and Policy Studies
  • Participatory and Public Scholarship

-With particular expertise in land-use governance and agri-environment policy in Wales, and the social, behavioural and governmental aspects of payments for ecosystem services.

Current Projects

Developing research and writing on producer co-operatives and farmer organisations with Dr Steven Emery (Birmingham University) and Dr Jeremie Forney (University of Neuchâtel); following on from our 2015 ESRS Working Group: ‘Turning possibility into reality? The political potency of agrarian organisations.’

‘New directions in agri-environmental governance: Re-assembling food, knowledge and autonomy’. This project is led by Dr Jérémie Forney (University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland) through a SNF-Professorship with the Swiss National Science Foundation; my role is an expert advisor for the UK case-study component.

Pumlumon Nature Fund Project Socio-economic Assessment with Jake-Elster-Jones and Dr Steven Emery

‘Food Values’ Research Project with the Organic Centre Wales funded through the Welsh Government’s Rural Development funds for Supply Chain Efficiencies, as part of the ‘Better Organic Business Links’ project. This was an action research project, also run in partnership with the Public Interest Research Centre. For details & copies of our report launched on the 3rd June see https://foodvaluesblog.wordpress.com/about/

I am also building on my previous research on ecosystem service governance in Wales, collaborating and comparing insights from the US and UK with Dr Steven Wolf (Cornall) and Dr Clive Potter (UCL); with support from the Transatlantic Rural Research Network: http://tarrn.wordpress.com and Imperial College London’s Grand Challenges in Ecosystems and the Environment Funding.


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