Dr Tim Pagella - Staff Profile

image of Dr Tim Pagella

Dr Tim Pagella
Lecturer in Forestry

Thoday Building, Room 15b

Email: t.pagella@bangor.ac.uk

Tel: 01248 382286

Responsibilities within SENRGY/BU

Research Officer, School of Environment, Natural Resources and Geography (50% - in partnership with ICRAF); Lectureship in Forestry (50%) - with main mandate to lead on our exciting new venture with the Bangor College China.

Research Interests

Ecosystem services (mapping and stakeholder engagement); Agroforestry; the acquisition and utilisation of local ecological knowledge in natural resource management; the development and use of visualisation tools in participatory research; environmental policy.

Doctoral Degree

PhD in Soils and Environmental Science (2011) Bangor University. Approaches for spatially explicit negotiation of impacts of land use change on ecosystem services.

Previous positions and period of appointments

Tim and has worked as a Research Officer on several research projects. These include:

  • Nutrient and water recycling in small-scale farming systems in peri-urban areas of Thailand, China and Vietnam(RURBIFARM) 2002-2006;
  • Revitalisation and extension of linear tree features to sustain wood supply and biodiversity in Wales (Robinwood) 2006-2007;
  • Tropical agroforestry in coffee systems (CAFNET) 2007-2009;
  • Participatory landscape modelling to reduce rural flood risk in the UK (stakeholder and policy priority research - FRMRC) 2007-2011;
  • Spatially explicit negotiation of ecosystem services at local scales - Adaptive Landscapes Project - The Cambrian Mountains (Defra) 2011;
  • Integrated Rainwater Management Strategies: Technologies, Institutions and Policies for the Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia CPWF- NBDC (ICRAF) 2011-Present.

He has had a long research collaboration with ICRAF dating back to the EU funded RURBIFARM project in China, Vietnam and Thailand 2002-2006.

MSc Supervision

Provided supervision for 38 MSc dissertations with students from Bangor University– including 14 dissertations in partnership with ICRAF.

Recent Publications

S Fraval, J Hammond, J Wichern, S Oosting, I de Boer, N Teufel, M Lannerstad, K Waha, T Pagella, T Rosenstock, K Giller, M Herrero, D Harris, M van Wijk - Making the most of imperfect data: a critical evaluation of standard information collected in cross-sectional farm household surveys. Experimental Agriculture (in review)

M Crossland; L Winowiecki; T Pagella; K Hadgu and F Sinclair. Implications of variation in local perception of Degradation and restoration processes for Implementing Land Degradation Neutrality. Land Degradation & Development (in review)

ES Dumont, S Bonhomme, TF Pagella, FL Sinclair (2017) Structured stakeholder engagement leads to development of more diverse and inclusive agroforestry options. Experimental Agriculture

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Pagella, T., Jackson, B., and  Sinclair, F. (in review)  Requirements for spatially explicit negotiation of ecosystem service synergies and trade-offs. Ecology and Society

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(2012) Spatial Analysis and Prioritisation of Cultural Ecosystem Services: A Review of Methods.

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