Professor P. Withers - Staff Profile

Professor Paul Withers
Professor of Geography

Thoday Building, Room F21


Tel: 01248 382631 (from U.K.)
+44 1248 382631 (International)


Responsibilities within SENRGY/BU

SENRGY Executive Committee Member


Qualifications and Membership of Professional Bodies

BSc. (Hons) Soil Science
PhD (Earth Sciences) Farming and Phosphorus Transfer
Member of the International Commission on Water Quality

Member of the Sustainable Phosphorus Research Coordination Network (RCN), USA

Associate Editor for Soil Use and Management

Research Interests

Paul Withers is Professor of Geography at Bangor University with research interests in sustainable nutrient use, nutrient accounting, catchment science and landscape management. His main research focus has been understanding phosphorus cycling in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, processes of phosphorus transfer across the land-water interface, eutrophication impacts of different phosphorus sources and associated mitigation strategies. Two major current projects are the development of strategies to improve the sustainability of phosphorus use in arable farming and understanding the coupling of C, N and P along the freshwater-estuarine continuum and links to eutrophication control.

He is a regular keynote speaker with over 60 peer-reviewed publications and an h index of 25. 


Recent Publications


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