Emily O'Regan
Masters of Science by Research
G1d Thoday

I graduated from Bangor University in July 2016, with BSc (Hons) Zoology with Conservation. My undergraduate dissertation focused on the impact of selective hunting in African Lions, titled “Effects of Selective Hunting on Pride Size in the African Lion (Panthera leo), and subsequent reduction in Megaherbivore Predation.” I am currently in the process of adapting my honours thesis to submit for publication.


In 2013, I was awarded the title of UK Young Scientist of the Year, by the British Science Association, for a research project I carried out on animal behaviour. This research focused on courtship behaviour in captive Chilean Flamingos (Phoenicopterus chilensis).


My research interests vary, but I am particularly interested in the ecology and habitat use of large mammals, and their conservation. I am also interested in habitat management for wildlife, and international wildlife crime.


I am also the Co-Chair of Bangor University Conservation Society. We organise weekly guest speakers to deliver lectures on topical conservation issues, as well as providing practical workshops and volunteering opportunities for all students.

My current research for my MScRes will explore the limitations of occupancy modelling for mesopredators, where their detectability is influenced by the presence of apex predators. I will also be looking at how habitat use in apex predators, particularly movement along tracks/roads, influences the way mesopredators use the same habitat.


I will be carrying out fieldwork in South Africa in February 2017 to collect the data for my research. I intend to monitor the movement patterns of my target species using camera traps, and then analyse this data to determine how each species uses the habitat.