Declan Murphy
Masters by Research student
Conservation ecology lab

My name is Declan Murphy and am currently studying for an MRes in Ecology at Bangor University, after graduation from Bangor in 2014 with a 2:1 B.Sc. in Zoology with Conservation. My B.Sc. dissertation concerned the varying energy capacities of biodiesel derived from different species of algae, and the environmental impacts of such a process on an industrial scale.


My current undertaking has taken me to the Mountains of Western Cape, South Africa, where I am conducting a habitat survey of a rare and endangered family of stag beetle (Colophon). This project involves collecting data covering a wide spectrum of biotic and abiotic factors (including vegetation cover, distance from roads) with a particular interest into the soil characteristics, such as pH and conductivity. I will also be using species distribution mapping (and subsequently Max Ent modelling) to investigate the effects of climate change of species range.

I hope that the skills and experiences gained during my time at Bangor University will lead me to a career in Environmental consultancy, or something similar in the field.