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Importance of Employability

With the rising number of graduates and fierce competition for jobs, employers are looking for more than just academic achievement. The demonstration of key workplace skills such as teamwork, communication and problem solving are now essential requirements for enhancing a student’s employability. Both Government and students are expecting Universities to prepare them more specifically than in the past for their future career. The ‘employability agenda’ is therefore of crucial significance to any leading university, and there is little doubt that it impinges upon student recruitment, retention and satisfaction.

From 2012, every university provides a key Information Set (KIS) for each course it offers, which will include a variety of indicators: student satisfaction, details of teaching, learning and assessment methods, as well as employability data and average graduate salary information.

Prospective students (and parents) carefully weigh up their future employment prospects when selecting degrees and universities. They consult university league tables and sources such as Unistats which publish graduate destination data and starting salaries. With the rise of tuition fees, students will look more carefully for a return on their investment.

The Skills and Employability Service and Bangor Employability Award work together to develop and enhance the employability skills of our students.