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Statement of Service to Students & Graduates

The Skills and Employability Service is committed to delivering services that are of the highest possible quality. This Statement summarises our main services and the standards that you can expect of us. You can obtain a copy of this Statement at our main reception desk or by visiting our website.

Our Services

The Skills and Employability Service provides a wide range of careers guidance and employment support services, including:

  • individual and confidential careers interviews and drop-in sessions
  • a year round programme of personal development, job search and employer related workshops and training sessions
  • comprehensive and appropriate careers information via our Resource Room and our Website, plus free use of our internet computer for job seeking and careers research
  • a Student Employment Bureau (Bangor Prospects), providing part-time, vacation and graduate employment opportunities
  • a wide range of Voluntary Work opportunities including Peer Guiding and Student Mentoring
  • undergraduate and graduate paid work experience placements
  • the chance to develop enterprise skills and increased awareness of self employment via our B-Enterprising programme

Our Standards

We belong to the Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (AGCAS) and work to their exacting standards.

All Careers & Employability Service advisory and project staff have specific expertise in their related areas and all careers advisers hold appropriate postgraduate qualifications in careers guidance. Many of our staff also hold other related professional qualifications and continuously update their specialist skills and knowledge.

In particular we are fully committed to Bangor University and AGCAS's Equal Opportunities Policies as well as Bangor's Welsh Language Policy and Disability Statement (further details on both of these available upon request). All of our offices and services are fully accessible.

All of our services are accessible and free of charge to current Bangor University registered students. Due to resource limitations, our drop-in and individual careers interviews are only accessible to those who graduated in the past 3 years.


The Careers & Employability Service aims to enable the University’s students and graduates to make informed decisions about managing their career, and to take steps to realise their goals.

Our vision is to help Bangor University students: -

  • fully engage in their career exploration, contributing to their student experience
  • see the relevance of their education to their career development
  • make a positive contribution to society
  • develop a willingness to take the initiative in their jobs and communities
  • hone well-developed leadership skills, and present the skills and knowledge sought after in the national and international job markets

We are also committed to developing and nurturing strong and sustainable links with national and regional employers and business related agencies. We have ensured that our services to the business community provide support for the widest range of requirements, from meeting the recruitment needs of national graduate’s recruiters to supporting micro SMEs to grow and flourish through subsidised project placements. We recognise that all employers benefit from being able to access highly skilled and business-aware students and graduates and we have developed a range of skills development programmes that work to address this critical issue.


  • To provide confidential and impartial individual career guidance through appointments with a careers adviser.
  • To deliver central programmes of career development learning through workshops and briefings on career management programmes (including enterprise and self-employment).
  • To support national and regional economic strategies through the development and management of student entrepreneurship and enterprise.
  • Career planning workshops delivered in all academic departments at least once per year.

In order to facilitate this process and to support the University in developing the employability and personal development planning of its undergraduates and postgraduates, they can expect provision of the following:

  • Availability of Psychometric test materials.
  • To deliver activities and career development learning programmes in academic departments (by negotiation) and for alumni who have graduated in the last three years.
  • Via the Bangor Employability Award to link together and reflect upon the curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular aspects of their student experience.
  • To provide a core, blended learning programme of personal development planning and career management activities.
  • To enable students to identify their transferable skills and personal qualities, and articulate them to prospective employers.
  • To provide an extensive web-site which provides details of occupations, course and job opportunities, post-graduate study, sources of funding, including employers and agencies and links to other approved sites.
  • To enable students to develop enterprise skills and increased awareness of self-employment via our B-Enterprising programme.
  • To work with internal and external partners to provide support and opportunities for students and graduates to develop their enterprise and entrepreneurship skills.
  • Access to relevant web-sites and online data information on the recruitment schemes of multi-national companies & small companies.
  • To provide vacancy, work experience, internships and placement details relating to opportunities with employers and other providers.
  • Access on campus to opportunity providers of many kinds through jobs fair, on line vacancies as well as programmes of employer presentations throughout the year.


All of our services are totally confidential and governed by the University's Data Protection Policy. Any information provided by our clients is kept within the Service and will not be shared or given out to any other persons or organisations.

Commenting on our Services

If you are dissatisfied with us then we need to hear about it in order to address your concern and improve our services, and it is always pleasant to hear when if you believe that you have received an excellent service.

You can comment on our services by using the Suggestion Boxes (situated in each of our offices) or by contacting:

Head of Service

Skills and Employability Service
2nd Floor, Neuadd Rathbone

College Road

LL57 2DF

or, if you prefer, contact:

Director of Student Services
Bangor University
LL57 2DF