International Students

Welcome to the website of Bangor University's Skills and Employability Service.  This part of the website is for International students, graduates and postgraduates.  We offer advice and guidance on CVs and applications, interview techniques, job hunting and application to postgraduate study.  We encourage all students to make full use of the service during your studies and you can still use the service for 3 years after you graduate.



مرحبا بكم على موقع جامعه بانكر لخدمة الوظائف و المهن. هذا الجزء من الموقع مكرس خصيصا للطلبة الدولين في الدراسات العليا و الخريجين . نحن نقدم نصائح و ارشادات لكتابة السيرة الذاتية , استمارة التقديم , أسلوب المقابلة , البحث عن العمل و التقديم للدراسات العليا.

نحن نشجع جميع الطلبة على

الاستفادة الكاملة من الخدمات المتوفرة خلال الفترة الدراسية . يمكنكم الاستفادة من الخدمات خلال فترة دراستكم و أيضا لمدة ثلاث سنوات بعد التخرج.


What we can do              

  • Provide advice, guidance, information, resources, workshops

  • Provide feedback on CVs, applications and interview technique

  • Advertise job and work experience opportunities

What we can't do

  • Tell you what you should do

  • Find you jobs and work experience opportunities

  • Write your applications and CVs

  • Correct your English

As an international student you are able to make full use of the Careers & Employability Service –find out more.

If you require assistance with English Language please contact the ELCOS team.  For help with Visas and Work Restrictions please contact the International Student Support Services Team.

Working in the UK

Before working in the UK you need to obtain a National Insurance (NI) Number.  This number makes sure that the National Insurance contributions and tax you pay in the UK are properly recorded on your account.  Information on how to obtain a NI number can be found on the UK Government website.  A free phone to the JobCentre Plus Application hotline is available in the International Education Centre reception.

Advice for international students on working in the UK

Qualifications from outside the UK

If you have qualifications from outside the UK it is possible to obtain an official qualification comparison to enable UK employers to fully understand your qualifications.  The National Recognition Information Centre for the United Kingdom (UK NARIC) is the National Agency responsible for information, advice, data and informed opinion on qualifications from outside the UK. A cost applies to this service.

UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA)

The UK Council for International Student Affairs offers comprehensive advice for all international students including advice on working in the UK.

Gradlink is a specialist careers websites designed for international students and graduates across the UK. It includes jobs, links with major graduate employers, in-depth advice sections, and the latest news and events relating to graduate labour markets.