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Online Careers Advice

If you have a specific query and are unable to visit us in person, then use our online careers guidance service.

This service is only available to current students and to graduates within the last 3 years.

The on-line service does NOT cover feedback on draft CVs and Application Forms and we would encourage those students on campus to come and see us personally at Neuadd Rathbone. IF YOU ARE, however, physically unable to access our service – due to being away from the Bangor campus or have a disability – then we suggest an initial telephone/ skype interview to see where you are up to.

In the meantime, please have a look at the comprehensive resources available on our website to aid your job applications prior to contacting us and decide on a suitable course of action.

Please complete the form below with you eGuidance request.

(if you are a current student)

(please provide as much information as possible to help the Employability Advisor provide more personalised feedback)

By submitting this form you are agreeing to:

  • Use the service only for its intended purpose and declaring that all information you are submitting is accurate ot the best of your knowledge; any misuse of the service may be dealt with in accordance with UK legislation
  • Being randomly contacted in the future to request feedback on the quality of the careers advice service you have received; as this email service evolves we may also like to contact you with further information on new developments

We aim to respond to your query within 5 working days.