School Volunteer Schemes

School Volunteer Schemes

If you are interested in doing a PGCE or gaining classroom experience within a school setting, you may consider applying to be an Aspirational Mentor.

Aspirational Mentoring is a widening access school based project which aims to broaden horizons regarding post 16 opportunities, especially HE.

Mentors work with their own small group of year 7 pupils whom they meet weekly for a short series of sessions. Each mentor is trained to plan, prepare and deliver their own sessions, tailoring the content to meet the needs of the pupils. This gives a good practical experience rather than an observational one and feedback from previous mentors suggests great interest is shown in it at future interviews for both PGCE courses and positions working with young people.   

Mentors are recruited in the autumn term and undertake the school sessions in the spring term, shortly before Easter. For more details of Aspirational Mentoring contact:

Kim Davies
Phone: 01248 382072

Here are some useful links for anyone interested in applying for a PGCE. Also see our workshop list for help with your application forms and interview skills: