Free on-line self assessment tests for Bangor University students (you will need your BU user name and password to access the tests).

Profiling for Success

Profiling for SuccessThe Profiling for Success (PfS) online self-assessment tests comprise of three reasoning tests as well as a career decision making tool and a personality profile (Type Dynamics Indicatory). Once you have completed the tests, you will receive an email with a detailed report and feedback on your results.

The PfS Reasoning tests assess the key abilities of Verbal, Numerical and Abstract Reasoning, and together provide a comprehensive assessment of your analytical abilities. Reasoning tests are often used for job-selection so doing these tests can often provide useful practice before the real thing.

  • Verbal – the ability to comprehend written information and determine what logically follows from the information
  • Numerical – the ability to use numerical information to solve problems
  • Abstract – the ability to identify the rules governing the relationships between abstract shapes, a core aspect of problem-solving and creative thinking

The PfS Type Dynamics Indicator can give you ideas about your personal preferences and can assist you in identifying your strengths, areas for personal growth and thus aid potential career decision making.

Career Unlocker

Career UnlockerCareer Unlocker is designed to help those who have got stuck at some point during the career decision making process. This can happen for a number of reasons and Career Unlocker helps you to identify what the obvious and underlying reasons are for you in your unique situation and provides advice on how to make further progress.


GroGro is all about you developing during your time at university. It is about making sure the foundations of confidence, pro-activity, dealing with uncertainty, working productively in the present and managing transition are in place. It is these things that will truly help you thrive in the future: from gaining a diverse range of experiences at university, including securing work experience to succeeding in your degree course and gaining your first job on graduation.

Prospects Planner

Prospects Career Planner identifies what jobs suit you based on your skills, motivations and desires and lets you access the latest vacancies immediately.

  • Identify what you want out of a job; generate new job ideas and check out your existing ones
  • Find out what motivates you in a job; identify your skills and what you can offer to the job/employer
  • See how these match the jobs you are considering
  • Research your chosen jobs in more detail, compare your options and decide on the right choices for you
  • Access the latest graduate jobs or training opportunities in your chosen occupations immediately and apply online