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Going Travelling?

Whatever reasons you have for going travelling you shouldn’t forget about your career when you get home.  Whilst you’re going to want to relax and have fun, don’t forget that while you are travelling you are gaining valuable life experience which may be useful in your future career.  

Potential future employers may view your travels favourably if you can demonstrate that you are a better candidate as a result of your experiences. They will probably be interested in the reasons why you took time to travel, why you did what you did, how you planned it, what you achieved and how you developed as a person.  As you travel and gain new experiences take the time to reflect on all your experiences; keep a diary of the new skills you have developed while you are away from “home”.

Have you planned what you want to get from your travels? Are there structured work experience or volunteering programmes that you can get involved in? If you want to start a graduate job when you return, do you research into the deadlines for applications and the recruitment process to avoid missing out on career opportunities.

Whilst you are travelling you can use Bangor University’s online careers resources to help you with your career-planning wherever you are.  Remember that you can use our services for up to 3 years after you graduate.  You may also be eligible to use Careers Services of other universities too.

Bon Voyage!