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Your Employability

Bangor University is committed to ensuring that its graduates have the opportunity to develop their skills and experiences whilst studying at the University so that they are fully equipped with the transferable skills they will need when looking for employment opportunities after graduation.

With the rising number of graduates and competition for jobs, employers are looking for more than just academic achievement. The demonstration of key workplace skills such as teamwork, communication and problem solving are now essential requirements for enhancing a student's employability.

The Bangor Employability Award (BEA) scheme was designed to enhance the immediate and longer-term career prospects of Bangor University students. The BEA essentially provides a framework to enable students to build on their transferable skills through the recognition of activities they become involved with during their University life.

The scheme is available to all undergraduate and post-graduate students studying at Bangor and it can be completely tailored to the individual's interests; it is delivered alongside the degree programme, through the academic schools, in collaboration with the Students' Union and private, public and voluntary sector organisations.

Not only does the Award teach students how to promote the skills and qualities they have developed during their University life, it also gives them recognition for the extra and co-curricular activities they are already taking part in, encouraging them to get the most out of their time at University.

The Skills and Employability Service provides assistance to students throughout their degree, and to graduates for up to 3 years after graduation. This is delivered in the form of face-to-face clinic appointments, a programme of employer talks and presentations, and a variety of online resources (offering advice, guidance and information about CVs and application forms, interview techniques, job search skills, career planning and understanding the labour market). 

Bangor University has access to a widespread network of local businesses, graduate recruiters (local and national), voluntary and charitable organisations and professional bodies. Bangor TARGETconnect, the University's student employment bureau, is available to all of its students and graduates; it sources and promotes a comprehensive range of local, national and international graduate opportunities, as well as work placements and internships, volunteering opportunities and local part-time jobs.

The University provides opportunities for students and graduates to develop their enterprise skills through the B-Enterprising programme, offering a wide variety of enterprise-based activities and support for those considering starting a new business. The activities include confidential advice and support for students with business start-up ideas, experiential workshops and presentations, and competitions to help develop skills. Additionally, students have the opportunity to meet new people, test market ideas in an informal and friendly environment and potentially win prizes too.

The BEA scheme provides the structure to allow students to log participation in all of these employability-related opportunities, in addition to their extracurricular and co-curricular activities; this enables students to take a bespoke route through the scheme, including those areas that they believe to be relevant to their career direction and long-term ambition.