Research Students

This page lists the PhD, MPhil and MRes students currently supervised by our members of staff.

If you are interested studying for a research degree in the School of Social Sciences, please contact our Postgraduate Office in the first instance, email:

Current Research Students

Name Title Supervisor
Miyoung Ahn Sense of belonging as an indicator for social capital: mixed methods analysis of students’ sense of belonging to university Professor Howard Davis 
Steve Baker Dr Diane Seddon
David Beck Food Poverty Mr Hefin Gwilym
Virginia Bennett Developing a conceptual model for children’s palliative care Prof. Jane Noyes
Nathan Bray Economic evaluation of mobility technology for disabled children: methodological and service commissioning implications. Prof. Jane Noyes
Wendy Bustacchini The impact of portrayals of mental illness on the well-being of people who have a severe mental illness Prof. Rob Poole
Jackie Chandler Getting evidence into practice: the implementation context. Developing the application of case based methods to investigate the social dynamic between cases and outcomes utilising data from implementation of evidence based practice trials. Prof. Jane Noyes
Tim Chubb Exploding the community: materialities of the Manchester LGBT community Prof. Howard Davis
Sumaya Farewan Women and crime in Libya Dr Julia Wardhaugh
Jeremy Paul Harvey Democracy and Legitimacy within the UK Student Movement Dr Marcel Stoetzler / Dr Alexander Sedlmaier
Bhavna Hammad Changing gender roles in dual career families: a comparative study between India and UK Prof. Howard Davis
Liz Heyworth Dr Diane Seddon
Uossif Irhoumah Satellite TV and informal crime control – Libyan Society in Globalization Age Dr Stefan Machura
Ben Jackson Assessing claims of African bias at the International Criminal Court: An analysis of abuses committed in post-2002 conflicts under jurisdiction of the Rome Statute Dr Martina Feilzer
Stephanie Olivia Penney Jones Understanding the dynamics of cultural and social participation in Wales: The case of heritage groups. Dr Robin Mann and Professor Howard Davis
Hiwa Majid Khalil Political sociology of the Kurdistan Region, Iraq Prof. Howard Davis
Barbara Neukirchinger Discussion of a conjoint approach of Critical Theory, poststructuralism and intersectionality for an analysis of the social oppression of the intersection of gender and disability with a special reference to Great Britain and Germany Dr Marcel Stoetzler / Prof. Howard Davis
Sahdia Parveen

The effect of ethnicity and family values upon willingness to provide care and patient-carer quality of life. Wales Office of Research and Development studentship

Prof. Catherine Robinson
Louise Prendergast The experiences and perceptions of employment and unemployment amongst young adults in Wales Dr Diane Seddon
Paulina Pustulka Polish mothers on the move: gendering migratory experiences of Polish women parenting in Germany and the United Kingdom Prof. Howard Davis
Shahram Rafieian Body and emotions in social theory: toward an embodied relational sociology Prof. Howard Davis
Nelson Ramos Human Trafficking, European Union policy development. The effects on national and local police procedures. Comparative study between England/Wales and Portugal. Dr Martina Feilzer
Sally Rees Moving on Together’: Evaluating the experiences, processes and outcomes for disabled young people receiving support from a Transition Key Worker. Prof. Jane Noyes
Deian ap Rhisiart Dewisiadau Cerddoriaeth ymysg dau Genhedlaeth yng Ngwynedd / Music Choices among two generations in Gwynedd Dr Myfanwy Davies
Natalie Roberts Social relationships in a youth homeless hostel Dr Julia Wardhaugh
Gabriella Simak

Why does communication in youth justice matter? The impact of the speech, language and communication needs of young people on restorative justice processes in the context of referral orders in England and Wales

Prof. Martina Feilzer
Kayley Taylor Dr Diane Seddon
Eileen Tilley Narratives of Welsh language learning and belonging in North West Wales Dr Robin Mann, Dr Rhian Hodges
Karina Williams Assessing the feasibility of implementing a willingness to care questionnaire: A pilot study. ESRC studentship. Prof. Catherine Robinson
Denitza Williams Exploring attitudes to HPV self-sampling among a socially-stratified sample of Welsh women. Collaboration with Cardiff University Medical School. Dr Myfanwy Davies
Rebecca Woolford Hate crime and hate speech in North Wales Dr Julia Wardhaugh

Recently Awarded

Name Title Supervisor
Teresa Crew Beyond graduation: trajectories of graduates from higher education in North Wales Prof. Howard Davis
Marta Eichsteller Becoming a citizen of the world: sociological study of biographical narratives of new cosmopolitans Prof. Howard Davis
Wulf Livingston ‘Not from a book’: the acquisition of knowledge and its use in practice by social workers, with particular regard to alcohol Prof. Howard Davis
Izaddin Abdulsamad Rasool Female suicide and attempted suicide in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq: a study of social factors Prof. Howard Davis
Ado Sale Coping with, and responding to, prison overcrowding: a study of Nigeria’s prisons. Dr Martina Feilzer
Jessica Trew The conflict between procedural justice and managerialism in operational policing. Dr Martina Feilzer