Dr David Hirst

BSc (Soc) London, MA Manchester, PhD Wales

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David Hirst
Honorary Senior Lecturer in Social Policy


David Hirst is Senior Lecturer in Social Policy. He first joined the School in 1973, after postgraduatestudy at the University of Manchester and the London School of Economics.


Research Interests

History of social policy, particularly the School Health Service, juvenile employment, and mental illness.
Contemporary Housing and Disability issues.


Currently writing a book on the history of social policy, and working on the history of community care for people with learning difficulties


Chapters in Books:

Hirst, D (2003) The Early School Medical Service in Wales: Public Care or Private Responsibility? in Borsay, A. [Ed.], Public Service or Private Commodity? Medicine in Wales c. 1800-2000, University of Wales Press, 2003, pp. 65-85.

Hirst, D and Michael, P (1999) Family, community and the lunatic in mid- nineteenth-century North Wales, in P Bartlett and D Wright (Eds), Outside the Walls of the Asylum, London, Athlone, 66-85

Journal Articles:

Hirst, D. (2007, forthcoming) ‘Lunacy and the “Islands in the British Seas”’ History of Psychiatry

Healy, D, Harris, M, Michael, P, Cattell, D, Savage, M, Chalasani, P, and Hirst, D (2005) Service utilization in 1896 and 1996: morbidity and mortality data from North Wales', History of Psychiatry, 16, 27-41

Hirst, D (2005) "A Ticklish Sort of Affair": Charles Mott, Haydock Lodge and the Economics of Asylumdom, History of Psychiatry, 16, 311-32.

Hirst, D, and Michael, P (2003) Family, Community and the "Idiot" in Mid-nineteenth Century North Wales, Disability & Society, 18, 145-63

Healy, D, Savage, M, Michael P, Harris, M, Hirst, D, Carter, M, Cattell, D, McMonagle, T, Sohler, N, and Susser, E (2001) Psychiatric Bed Utilization: 1896 and 1996 compared, Psychological Medicine, 31, 779-790.

Hirst, D (2000) A Medical 'Dead End' Job? Recruitment and Career Progression of the Edwardian School Medical Officer, Medical History, 44, 443-460


Hirst, D (2004) Charles Mott, Assistant Poor Law Commissioner, 1788-1851, New Dictionary of National Biography

Research Students

Research Students - supervisor

  • Karen Jones
    Citizens' Advice Bureau research

Teaching & Administration

Undergraduate Teaching

  • SXP1005 Introduction to Social Policy
  • SXP2010 Poverty & Social Exclusion
  • SXP3008 Health Policy & Inequality

Postgraduate Teaching

  • SXP4001 Key Issues in Social Policy
  • SXP4047 Health Policies in Britain

Administrative Responsibilities

Examinations Officer

Other activities

Dr David Hirst is involved in training of Social Security and Child Support Tribunal members as a member of the Judicial Training Advisory Group.