Staff Profile: Professor Peter Huxley

Peter Huxley
Professor of Mental Health Research
01978 727142

Professor Peter Huxley


Professor Huxley has an international reputation in social care as well as in mental health. He has been an invited plenary speaker at Conferences around the world, and is widely published in social work, social care and mental health. He was the first Professor of  Psychiatric Social Work in the UK and the first social worker to be the Head of a School of Psychiatry, both at Manchester University. He was the first Professor of Social Work at the internationally renowned Institute of Psychiatry in London.  While at IoP he took on the Directorship of the DH funded Social Care Workforce Research Unit, which he safely negotiated through a Chief Scientist’s visit and renewed funding

He has considerable senior experience at committee and Board level in a number of health and social care organisations, including the Mental Health Services of Salford NHS Trust where he was a non-executive Director for 6 years, and the North Essex Partnership Trust where he was the Research and Development lead. He has experience of committee work in the disbursement of research funds, for the NIHR SDO programme, the Lottery community research fund and the NISCHR social research fund. He has social services and academic management experience, in leading and growing teams of social workers and academics in Manchester, London and Swansea. He has worked at the interface of health and social care, and published over 160 academic papers and textbook contributions.

His social care research experience includes special interests in care home staff working with people suffering from dementia, the development of a quality of life measure for older people, positive aspects of hospital discharge procedures, the development of integrated mental health care in primary care in England, debt counselling for people with depression in primary care, and a trial of a new social work intervention for people who are admitted with self-harm but not under the care of psychiatric services.

He has been an HAS panel member for service inspection; worked for SECTA, first to develop a strategy for the implementation of the All Wales Mental Illness Strategy in the Gwent Health Authority and second to work with Trusts in Worcester and Kidderminster on mental health service reconfiguration. With the Welsh Office Social Services Inspectorate he examined local authority readiness for the implementation of the All Wales Strategy. He is part of a project with Gwydir University looking at the readiness of local services in North Wales for working with the new well-being legislation. He also did commissioned work for the former NHS Management Executive Information Management Group; assessing the utility of Health Related Groups for Mental Illness, and the adequacy of a new national minimum data-set for mental illness, for health and social services commissioners.  The latter resulted in a classification of care packages for use in community care with priority groups.

He has managed directly or through NHS and academic committees’ budgets ranging from research council grants of about £250000, to large grants of £2m from NIHR, and departmental budgets of £1.5m upwards.

Although he continues to live in Pembrokeshire with his wife Sherrill and two Old English Sheepdogs, for work in Bangor University he bases himself near the Wrexham Academic Office.

Selected publications

Huxley, P., Baker, C., White, J., Madge, S., Onyett, S. and Gould, N., 2012. The social care component of multidisciplinary mental health teams: a review and national survey. Journal of Health Services Research & Policy, 17 (Supplement 2), pp. 23-29.

Maxwell N, Scourfield J, Gould N, Huxley P. (2012) UK Panel Data on Social Work Service Users.; British Journal of Social Work,  Jan; 42 (1): 165-84

Goldberg D, Huxley P,  (2012) At least 25% with a mental health problem is a conservative estimate. BMJ (Clinical Research Ed.) [BMJ], ISSN: 1756-1833, Mar 14; Vol. 344, pp. e1776

Evans S, Huxley P, Maxwell N. (2013) System level change in mental health services in North Wales: an observational study using systems thinking" International Journal of Social Psychiatry. Published online on June 19, 2013. doi: 10.1177/0020764013489672

Jones, P, Gunnell D, Platt, S, Scourfield J, Lloyd, K, Huxley P, John A, Kamran B, Dennis M. (2013)  Identifying probable suicide clusters in Wales using national mortality data. PLOS1. Vol. 8, No. 8, 2013, p. e71713. 10.1371/journal.pone.0071713

Hutchings A Hayley, Evans A Bridie, Fitzsimmons  Deborah, Harrison  Jane, Heaven  Martin, Huxley  Peter, Kingston  Mark-Rhys, Lewis  Leo, Phillips  Ceri, Porter  Alison, Russell T Ian, Sewell  Bernadette, Warm  Daniel, Watkins  Alan, Snooks A Helen (2013) Predictive risk stratification model: a progressive cluster-randomised trial in chronic conditions management (PRISMATIC) research protocol, BMC Trials 2013, 14:301  doi:10.1186/1745-6215-14-301.

Kara Chan, Sherrill Evans, Yu-Leung Ng, Marcus Yu-Lung Chiu, Peter Huxley (2014)  A concept mapping study on social inclusion in Hong Kong. Social Indicators Research, vol. 119 (1): 121-137.

Kara Chan, Sherrill Evans, Marcus Yu-Lung Chiu, Peter J. Huxley & Yu-Leung Ng (2014) Relationship Between Health, Experience of Discrimination, and Social Inclusion Among Mental Health Service Users in Hong Kong. Social Indicators Research First Online. October 2014. DOI10.1007/s11205-014-0780-x Thomas Keeley, Humera Khan, Vanessa Pinfold, Paula Williamson, Jonathan Mathers, Linda Davies, Ruth Sayers, Elizabeth England, Siobhan Reilly, Richard Byng, Linda Gask, Mike Clark, Peter Huxley, Peter Lewis,

Maximillian Birchwood, Melanie Calvert  (2015) Core outcome sets for use in effectiveness trials involving people with bipolar and schizophrenia in a community-based setting (PARTNERS2): study protocol for the development of two core outcome sets. Trials 2015, 16:47 (12 February 2015) doi:10.1186/s13063-015-0553-0

Kara Chan, Sherrill Evans, Marcus Yu-Lung Chiu, Peter J. Huxley & Yu-Leung Ng (2015) Social inclusion and health conditions among Chinese immigrants in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom: An exploratory study", accepted for publication in Social Indicators Research. First Online March 2 2015.

Pinfold V, Sweet D, Porter I, Quinn C, Byng R, Griffiths C, Billsborough J, Enki DG, Chandler R, Webber M, Larsen J, Carpenter J, Huxley P (2015) Improving community health networks for people with severe mental illness: a case study investigation. Health Services and Delivery Research Volume: 3 Issue: 5. DOI: 10.3310/hsdr03050

Huxley P (2015) The European Mental Health Integration Index; reflections and conclusions. Accepted by Polish Psychiatry.


Current Projects

Lead or co-applicant

Funding body

Project title

Start date/End date

Size of award





Social Work Intervention following Self Harm (SWISH)




Estates: £21,141
Ind: £91,858




Social care and health of older people (SCHOOP)




PH 2% = £2,085
Investigators: £3,961; Estates: £19.039;
Ind: £68,925)

Lead: Alison Porter (CoM)

Co-App (SE)


Understanding Suicide Clusters tHrough ExploRIng Self Harm behaviours (CHERISH )




SE 3% = £3,338
(Totals:  Investigators: £65,081; Estates: £23,441;
Ind: £85,697)

Lead:  Ann John (CoM)



PARTNERS2:  development and pilot trial of primary care based collaborative care for people with serious mental illness




£12,739 over 5 years

Collaboration with Universities of Birmingham, Plymouth and Lancaster



Debt Counselling for Primary Care Patients with Depression: an Adaptive Randomised Controlled Trial (DeCoDeR) – Gabbay (Liverpool)




Collaboration with Liverpool University, Plymouth University and UCL




Development of a Chinese language version of the Social & Community Opportunities Profile (SCOPE) for NGO services in Hong Kong




Estates: £4,899
Ind: £23,712

Collaboration with Hong Kong  Baptist university and the national University of Singapore


Recenlty Completed Projects

Lead or co-applicant

Funding body

Project title

Start date/ End date

Size of award




Islamic Social Services Association

Evaluation of Minds at Ease project








Predictive risk stratification: impact on care for people with or at risk of chronic conditions (PRISM)








Using routinely collected data from suicide clusters to influence social and health care service delivery:  an investigation of the Bridgend cluster








A review of the national action plan to reduce suicide and self-harm in Wales 2008-13, in relation to a group of young men considered to be at risk of suicide





NISCHR  (PhD Studentship)



Honorary Research Fellow at the Hong Kong Baptist University’s international research centre, the David C. Lam Institute for East-West Studies (LEWI).

Expert advisor to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Mental Health Integration Index (funded by Janssen Europe)

Founding Editor, Social Work and Social Sciences Review

Founding Director, Social Care Workforce Research Unit (funded by the DH England)

NISCHR Senior Research Faculty member

Cochrane Schizophrenia Group member and contributor

Former member of the NISCHR social care research awards committee