Profile of Dr Toby Betenson

Dr Toby Betenson
Lecturer in Philosophy of Religion
01248 382090
T21, Main Arts


My educational background is in Theology (Durham University) and Philosophy (King’s College London, University of Birmingham). My research is in the philosophy of religion and ethics, particularly where those two combine in discussions such as ‘the problem of evil’. I completed my PhD on this topic in 2015, before spending some time as a Templeton Research Fellow at Ryerson University (Toronto, Canada) on Klaas Kraay’s project ‘Theism: An Axiological Investigation’.

Whilst completing my PhD, I taught a wide range of topics at both the University of Birmingham and at Newman University. I am Associate Editor for the European Journal for Philosophy of Religion.

Research Expertise

  • Philosophy of Religion (especially the problem of evil and ‘anti-theodicy’)
  • Ethics and Metaethics (especially the moral philosophy of Raimond Gaita)

Modules taught

  • Introduction to Philosophy of Religion
  • Introduction to Logic
  • Ancient Philosophy
  • 20th Century Philosophy of Religion
  • Faith and Reason
  • Kant: Epistemology and Ethics
  • Evil and the Existence of God
  • Early Modern Philosophy
  • Political Philosophy
  • Metaphysics


‘Evaluative Claims within the Problem of Evil’, Religious Studies, 51:3 (2015), 361-77. (Awarded the ‘Michael K. O’Rourke PhD Best Publication Award’, University of Birmingham, 2015.)
‘Ivan Karamazov is a Hopeless Romantic’, International Journal for Philosophy of Religion, 77:1 (2015), 65-73.
‘Fairness and Futility’, International Journal for Philosophy of Religion (forthcoming)
‘Anti-Theodicy’, Philosophy Compass (forthcoming)
‘Non-Cognitive Atheism?’, in Atheisms, ed. By Victoria Harrison and Harriet Harris (Ashgate, forthcoming).
Review of Ben Bradley’s Well-Being and Death, in Reviews in Science and Religion (May, 2015)
Review of Bradley Monton’s Seeking God in Science, in European Journal for Philosophy of Religion, 3:1 (2011), 254-9.

Administrative Roles

  • Admissions Officer
  • Exams Officer