What Our Students Say

What some of our postgraduate students think about studying in the school of Philosophy and Religion

PhD Brad Jersak

Brad Jersak, PhD student (by distance learning), living in Abbotsford, BC, Canada.

Researching the influences of Plato and Simone Weil on George Grant.

Entering long-distance PhD studies at Bangor University has been an absolute pleasure! From day one, they made every effort to welcome me and tailor-make a program that would best suit my educational and vocational needs. And the registrars have been diligent in immediately taking care of all my overseas paperwork. Best of all, my supervisor has been brilliant (in both the American and British sense), giving me far more support and encouragement than my peers in comparable programs told me I could expect. I especially commend Bangor's Philosophy and Religion Dept. to students who would enjoy combining the quality of a UK education with the flexibility of studying from home”.

Prior to studying at Bangor, Brad served as a church minister, conference facilitator, and college sessional teacher for twenty years. He is co-founder of Fresh Wind Press and has authored or edited ten books. He begins as an adjunct faculty member with Westminster Theological Centre (UK) this winter.   

Part-time PhD student Angela Burton

Angela Burton, PhD student (part-time). Researching Spiritual Ecology.

"Undertaking my part-time Ph.D., as a semi-retired, former business proprietor and employer, has presented many new personal challenges. For over twenty years I haven’t had either the luxury of time to steep myself in my academic studies, but now it is a highly important focus of my life. here in west Wales, where I live and research my subject.  

My subject area, Spiritual Ecology, is very special to me! I call it my Quaker ministry, since I am a practising Quaker. My spiritual practice so naturally embraces the fabulous landscape and ancient, Celtic, setting into which the University as a whole and the interdisciplinary opportunities the School of Philosophy and Religion offers me. I therefore find that it is here that I uniquely express my commitment to Sacred Earth that is encapsulated in my research project.

The excellence of the supervisory support and the breadth of mutual friendships and connections I find amongst the community of fellow researchers is something I value highly.”

PhD Student by Distance Learning

Josh Andrews, PhD student (by distance learning) and recent graduate of the MA (by distance learning), living in UK. Researching Kierkegaard and Buddhism.

"After completing my undergraduate degree I chose to remain at Bangor to study at post graduate level because I have the uttermost confidence in the department and its diverse range of available modules. My MA course has not only allowed me to develop my personal interest in the relationship between Eastern religions and Western philosophy and culture, but also introduced me to new research techniques and methodologies that are essential to the academic study of religion and philosophy, and I will bring these skills with me in my PhD studies.

I was especially impressed with how the school of Philosophy and Religion offered me the opportunity to study for my MA via distance learning, thus allowing me to combine studies with my own family commitments. My tutor was fantastic with keeping in regular contact with me, and offered her supervision face to face, via email and over the telephone. Our supervisions were always arranged rapidly and always designed to meet my academic and personal needs – the support, encouragement and guidance offered by my tutor was second to none, and her enthusiasm led us both to discover new resources and literature that has added new layers of complexity and interest to my thesis.

All of the staff are really committed to their students—they are approachable, and nothing is too much trouble. The school is extremely welcoming and has a great and exceptional atmosphere. I have no regrets about choosing to study at this university, and I am now looking forwarded to my PhD."

MA student by Distance Learning

Daniel Philips, MA student (by distance learning), living in UK.

Having studied Theology as an undergraduate at Bangor University I discovered areas I want to research further. I was attracted to the MA distance learning programme for the flexibility to study my areas of interest alongside being taught essential research skills. I chose the school of Philosophy and Religion at Bangor University primarily because the lecturers and staff are enthusiastic and always willing to talk with you. Ultimately I want to do a PHD, and carve out a lecturing career and this MA will equip me with the necessary skills to do that. 


Amy Cook, PhD student.

Researching the interrelationship of the ideas of C.G. Jung and Kierkegaard.

“I was attracted to the University of Bangor for its reputation and location. Set within the foot of the Snowdonian mountians it really is a beautiful place to live and study. The School of Philosophy and Religion is really dynamic. The lecturers are extremely knowledgeable and engaging. The support from my own supervisor has been fantastic and the passionate attitude she has for her work is a continued source of inspiration. Whilst the department is a small one compared to others within the university, it is all the more friendly and helpful for it”.

PhD student by Distance Learning

Owen Brear, PhD student (by distance learning). Living in UK. Researching interplay of opposites and the divine feminine in the psychology of C.G. Jung.

"Bangor University has gifted me an unbelievable opportunity to follow my dreams and study for a PhD through the long-distance study option. I feel a profound sense of freedom from this.
The School of Philosophy and Religion has given me a deep-seated trust and sense of belonging, which has enhanced my belief in myself and in my research and writing of a thesis that often appears profoundly radical in its argument. Studying long-distance gives me considerable flexibility and enables me to live in a way that helps me engage with the nature of my PhD topic.
The School’s long-distance study option has helped me to brake boundaries and enabled my forward thinking and for it to be more innovative. Giving freedom to students to live and study at arms’ length is a wonderful opportunity and is to be applauded. Further education can only be enriched by the approach Bangor is developing."