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Do you value exercise?

Exercise has many health benefits but, surprisingly, only a small minority is really physically active to an appropriate level.

Publication date: 23 July 2020

International Placement with Philips Healthcare for SHES Student

After finishing the third year of her bachelor’s degree in Sport and Exercise Psychology Katarina Kylisova, who came to Bangor from the Czech Republic decided to participate in Erasmus+ International Exchange internship programme available at Bangor University and further broaden her horizons. 

Publication date: 10 July 2020

Hypoxia - novel finding turns brain function on its head

The brain is a hungry organ. To fuel brain activity, brain blood flow increases to provide oxygen and nutrients. This matching of blood flow to brain activity is called ‘neurovascular coupling’ and is assumed essential to maintain brain function.

Publication date: 3 July 2020