Peer Guides

What are Peer Guides and how can they help?

Although the School of Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences is a small, close knit School with friendly staff and students, it can be still a bit strange coming to Uni for the first time.  Even if you are fairly independent and have spent time travelling, coming to live in a new town, making new friends and getting used to studying a new course can be daunting.

A helping hand...

So here at Bangor, we try to help you to get to know your way around by introducing all our new students to someone (a Peer Guide) who will be there to give you first hand advice and support – not least they can pass on their own experiences of being a first year.

Introducing you to life in Bangor

Peer Guides are second and third year students who provide a more informal support network to help you from the moment you arrive, or even before. They are on hand to meet and greet, and arrange social activities during Welcome Week - introducing first years to their fellow students, their personal tutor, the University and the surrounding area. All our Peer Guides are trained by the University and also attend various workshops, such as counselling skills, within the School to increase their knowledge of how to help you.

Welcome Week

Our Peer Guides will greet you as you arrive at Halls of Residence. They are there for every new student during Welcome Week (you may also hear this called Freshers’ Week) and for as long as they are needed. They will have arranged some activities for Welcome Week weekend and the week following, to introduce you to your fellow students, your personal tutor, the University and the surrounding area.

Our Peer Guides also help out when people come for interviews, greet late arrivals or transfer students, and provide invaluable support at School events throughout the year such as Open Days.

You will be able to recognise them at such events, and during Welcome Week, by their blue polo-shirts which they wear when representing the School.

Our Peer Guides:

Senior Peer Guides (Year 3)

Conor Charlton-Fleming Sport, Health and Exercise Science Hannah Minshull Sport, Health and Exercise Science
Kirsty Done Sport, Health and Exercise Science Niforissa Binti Musa Sport, Health and Exercise Science
Jodie Dowrick Sport Science (Outdoor Activities) Chelsea Naysmyth-Miller Sport Science
Rhys Goodwin Sport, Health and PE Carly Owen MSci Sport Science
Nathanial Hatch-Johnson Sport and Exercise Psychology Kirsty Palmer Sport Science (Outdoor Activities)
Samuel Herbert Sport, Health and Exercise Science Katy Pearce Sport Science (Outdoor Activities)
Niamh Howarth MSci Sport Science Bethany Rayner MSci Sport, Health and Exercise Science
Hannah Kelley Sport Science Hannah Smith Sport Science (Outdoor Activities)
Kruti Prashant Kulkarni Sport, Health and Exercise Science Charlotte Welch Sport Science
Isabelle Laflamme-Williams Sport, Health and Exercise Science    

First Time Peer Guides (Year 2)

Georgie Laura May Bedford Sport Science Lucy Jones Sport, Health and Exercise Science
Peter Gaston Sport Science (Outdoor Activities) Eerika Latvanen Sport and Exercise Psychology
Daniel Healey Sport Science Toby McDowell Sport and Exercise Psychology
Ellen Cait Heaton Sport, Health and PE Catherine Ellen Sarah Owen Sport, Health and PE
Harriet Mary Hicks Sport Science (Outdoor Activities) Antigone Price MSci Sport Science (Outdoor Activities)
Jessica Lee Hughes Sport Science Cameron Robertson-Godfrey Sport Science (Outdoor Activities)
Magi Elin Hughes Sport, Health and PE Charlotte Rogers Sport Science
Katie Johansen Sport, Health and Exercise Science Joseph Sayle Sport Science
Hanna Lois Jones Sport, Health and PE Holly Lauren Ward Sport, Health and Exercise Science

How to contact a Peer Guide

A Welcome Pack is sent to all new students (Freshers) after Confirmation and Clearing in mid-August/early September. This will include a full list of our Peer Guides and their contact details.

A Facebook page has also been set up for all new Undergraduate students.  You can use this group to contact your fellow 'Freshers' or our Peer Guides. 

Join the Facebook group

To join the group please use the following link:

If you are starting a course at the School this September and would like to be put in touch with a Peer Guide before you receive you Welcome Pack, please contact our Peer Guide Co-ordinator, Eleri Jones, Tel: 01248 388415.