Staff Profile of Dr Jamie Macdonald

Jamie Hugo Madconald
Senior Lecturer in Clinical Exercise Physiology and Outdoor Activities, Deputy Head of School, Teaching and Learning
01248 383272
George Building, Normal Site

Member of Extremes Research Group

British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences Accredited Exercise Scientist

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  • 2002 – 2006; Ph.D. in Clinical Exercise Physiology, entitled “Muscle mass in Chronic Kidney Disease”.  Received departmental scholarship.  School of Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences.  Bangor University
  • 1998-2001; 1st class BSc Hons in Sports Science. Received departmental Sarah Smythe award for highest mark of graduating students and University Dr. John Roberts Jones prize for meritorious academic performance. Modules in Computing, French, Business, Counselling.  Bangor University.

Jamie graduated from Bangor University in 2002 having achieved the Sarah Smythe Award and John Robert Jones prize for meritorious academic performance.  After working as a freelance outdoor instructor and completing a six month worldwide climbing expedition, Jamie gained his PhD in Clinical Exercise Physiology from Bangor University in 2006.  A two year post doc position within the National Health Service lead to a Lecturer post in the School of Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences at Bangor University and a promotion to Senior Lecturer in October 2013.  Jamie now combines his passion for the outdoors with his research interests by investigating methods to improve health and performance in extreme environments and extreme sports.  Specifically he has interests in high altitude physiology, and determining the physiological requirements of expeditions, rock climbing and mountain biking.  Jamie has been responsible for over £350k of grant capture and continues to collaborate with the National Health Service, Science in Sport, Medical Expeditions, Outlook Expeditions and Silver River.


  • Honorary contracts with three local NHS Trusts
  • Ionising Radiation (Medical Exposure) Regulations 2000 DXA Operator
  • North West Wales NHS Trust Trained Phlebotomist
  • Health and Safety Executive First Aid Certificate and Automated External Defibrillator training
  • Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award
  • Institute of Advanced Motorists Advanced Driving Certificate
  • National Governing Body Awards for climbing, mountaineering, kayaking and canoeing
  • Young Explorer’s Trust Expedition Leaders Course

Teaching Modules

  • JXH4012 – Higher Skills
  • JXH3038 – Environmental Physiology (High Altitude)
  • JXH3030 – Higher Skills
  • JXH2030 – Expedition

Research areas

Research areas include Clinical Exercise Physiology (fatigue, body composition and exercise rehabilitation in clinical populations including chronic kidney disease and osteoporosis), and Outdoor Activities (performance in climbing, mountain biking, hill walking, and in hypoxia). 

Selected publications


  • Kirkman D, Junglee N, Mullins P, Macdonald JH.  Arteriovenous fistula complication following magnetic resonance imaging.  BMJ case reports; doi:10.1136/bcr-03-2012-6103.
  • Macdonald J, Fearn L, Jibani M, Marcora S.  Exertional fatigue in patients with chronic kidney disease.  Am J Kidney Dis; doi: 10.1053/j.ajkd.2012.06.021.
  • Lawley J, Oliver S, Mullins P, Morris D, Junglee N, Jelleyman C, Macdonald JH.  Optic nerve sheath diameter is not related to high-altitude headache: a randomized controlled trial. High Alt Med Biol; In Press.
  • Oliver SJ, Sanders SJ, Williams CJ, Smith ZA, Lloyd-Davies E, Roberts R, Arthur C, Hardy L, and Macdonald JH .  Physiological and Psychological Illness Symptoms at High Altitude and their Relationship with Acute Mountain Sickness: A Prospective Cohort Study.  J Travel Med; 2012; 19: 210–219
  • Callender N, Ellerton J, and Macdonald JH. Physiological demands of mountain rescue work.  Emerg Med J; doi: 10.1136/emermed-2011-200485.
  • Oliver SJ, Golja P, Macdonald JH.  Carbohydrate Supplementation and Exercise Performance at High Altitude: A Randomized Controlled Trial.  High Alt Med Biol; 2012;13:22-31.
  • Macdonald JH, Evans SF, Davies HL, Wilson S, Davie MWJ, and Sharp CA. A matched-cohort study of body composition, physical function and quality of life in men with idiopathic vertebral fracture. Arthritis Care Res; 2012;64:92-100. DOI 10.1002/acr.20580
  • Macdonald JH and Callender N.  Athletic Profile of Highly Accomplished Boulderers.  Wilderness Environ Med; 2011;22:140-143.
  • Macdonald JH, Oliver SJ, Hillyer KS, Sanders SJ, Smith Z, Williams C, Yates DJ, Ginnever H, Scanlon E, Roberts E, Murphy D, Lawley JS, and Chichester EM.  Body composition at high altitude: a randomized placebo controlled trial of dietary carbohydrate supplementation.  Am J Clin Nutr; 2009; 90:1193–202.
  • Macdonald JH, Kirkman D, Jibani M.  Kidney transplantation: A systematic review of interventional and observational studies of physical activity on intermediate outcomes.  Adv Chronic Kidney Dis; 2009; 16(6):482-500.
  • Macdonald JH, Farina D, Marcora SM.  Response of electromyographic variables during incremental and fatiguing cycling.  Med Sci Sports Exerc 2008; 40(2):335-344.

Keynote and Invited Addresses

  • Macdonald JThe Northwest Renal Multidisciplinary Education Committee, Renal Rehab Symposium, Birchwood Park, Warrington, 2012.  “Exercise equipment options for haemodialysis patients”.  11.07.12
  • Kirkman D, Law B, Jibani M and Macdonald J.  Renal Physiotherapists  Study Day, Kings Hospital, London, 2010.  “Using handgrip training to aid arteriovenous fistula maturation.”    03.07.10. 
  • Macdonald J & Oliver S.  Birmingham Research Expeditionary Society Altitude Research Conference, Birmingham, 2009.  “Improving performance at high altitude”.  04.12.09
  • Macdonald J & Oliver S.  3rd Mountain, Sport and Health International Congress, Rovereto, 2009.  “Hypoxic acclimatisation: health and performance”.  13.11.09 
  • Macdonald J & Oliver S.  Hypoxia Symposium, Oxford, 2008.  “Effect of carbohydrate supplementation during a high altitude expedition”  03.12.08 
  • Macdonald J.  Renal Nutrition Group of the British Dietetic Association, Bristol, 2007.   “Anabolic therapy in chronic kidney disease”  15.05.07. 
  • Macdonald J & Jibani M.  North West Wales NHS Trust, The Grand Round, Bangor 2007.  “Steak and Kidney”  17.01.07
  • Macdonald J.   The British Renal Society & The Renal Association, The Renal Conference, Harrogate, 2006.  “Towards exercise as part of routine care for chronic kidney disease”  03.05.06.
  • Macdonald J.  The Northwest Renal Multidisciplinary Education Committee, Diabetic Nephropathy, Chester, 2006.  “Assessing body composition in chronic kidney disease”  26.04.06
  • Macdonald J, Jones D & Jibani M.  Ysbyty Gwynedd Renal Unit, Education Day and visit by Professor John Feehally (Chairman, Renal Association), Bangor, 2005.  “Collaboration between Ysbyty Gwynedd, Glan Clwyd and Wrexham Maelor with the School of Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences, University of Wales-Bangor”  06.12.05
  • Macdonald J & Laing S.  School of Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences, University of Wales-Bangor, 6th form Teachers Physiology Workshop, Bangor, 2005.  “Physiology workshop”  17.09.05
  • Macdonald J.  Ysbyty Gwynedd Renal Unit, Education Evening, Bangor, 2005.  “Exercise in your unit”  25.08.05
  • Macdonald J.  North West Renal Nurses Forum, Annual Conference, Chester, 2004.  “Muscle mass in dialysis patients”  02.10.04
  • Macdonald J & Lemmey B.  Bristol University Division of Surgery, Formal Presentations of Work in Progress, Bristol, 2004.  “Chronic kidney disease- the role of the Sports Scientist”  04.06.04
  • Macdonald J.  North Wales NHS Trust, Living with Kidney Failure, Bangor, 2004.  “Looking after your kidneys- keep fit!”  10.02.04 and repeated yearly

Peer Reviews

Various journals including American Journal of Kidney Disease; European Journal of Applied Physiology; Kidney International; Indian Journal of Medical Research: Muscle and Nerve; Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation; Transplantation; Clinical Journal of American Society of Nephrology.

External Examining

MPhil examiner at University of Nottingham

Hobbies and Interests

Outdoor activities, cooking, reading, and motor sport.