Staff Profile of Jessica Mee

Jessica Mee
Lecturer, Environmental Physiology, Senior Tutor
(01248) 38 8309
George Building, Normal Site


Jessica graduated from the University of Brighton with a BSc hons in Sport Science in 2010 and a PhD in heat tolerance and adaptation in female athletes in 2016. Jessica worked as a teaching, research and consultancy assistant at the University of Brighton from 2011 to 2015 alongside her PhD. Jessica joined Bangor University in 2015 as an environmental physiology, lecturer and researcher. The focus of Jessica’s research has been on optimising heat acclimation strategies to enhance heat tolerance in female athletes. Jessica is a BASES accredited physiologist and has provided support to a variety of athletes ranging from individuals undertaking ultra-challenges (North Pole marathon, Marathon de Sables and the Jungle Marathon) to endurance athletes (Marathon Support and Sussex County England Athletics) and power athletes (Team Gym, British Bobsleigh, Judo).


BSc Hons Sport Science

PhD Heat tolerance and adaptation in female athletes
BASES accredited Physiologist Image of BASES logo
Chartered Scientist
Venopuncture and Cannulation
Gymnastics Coach (Women artistic, general, freestyle and GMPD)

Teaching Modules

JXH2024 Sport and Exercise Physiology
JXH2016 Research Methods
JXH2038 Physiological Skill Assessment
MSE1001 Anatomy for Sport Science

JXH3039 Environmental Physiology

JXH4008 Supervised Experience
JXH2002 Project Proposal
JXH3053 / JXH3054 Dissertation

Research Interests

Practical alternative to traditional heat acclimation protocols to optimize heat tolerance in females
The effects of the menstrual cycle and contraceptives on thermoregulation and heat adaptation
Temporary and permanent characteristics which influence heat tolerance

Academic Publications

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Conference Presentations

  • Mee, J.A. Peter, S. Doust, J. Maxwell, N.S. (2015). Restricted sweat evaporation preceding short term heat acclimation accelerates adaptation in females.  International Conference of Environmental Ergonomics (ICEE), Portsmouth, UK, 28th June - 3rd July 2015.
  • Mee, J.A. Gibson, O.R. Taylor, L. Tuttle, J.A. Watt, P.W.  Doust, J.  Maxwell, N.S. (2015). Sex comparison of leukocyte Hsp72 mRNA up regulation during heat acclimation. European College of Sport Science (ECSS) Malmo, Sweden, 24th – 27th June 2015.
  • Mee, J.A. Gibson, O.R. Doust, J. Maxwell, N.S. (2014) Sex differences in adaptation to short and long term isothermic heat acclimation. Training and competing in the heat conference, Aspetar, Doha, Qatar, 23rd -24th March 2014.
  • Gibson, O.R. Mee, J.A. Tuttle, J.A. Taylor, L. Maxwell, N.S. Watt, P.W. (2014). Isothermic heat acclimation requires lower exercise durations to elicit superior adaptation to heat stress compared to a fixed intensity protocol. Training and competing in the heat conference, Aspetar, Doha, Qatar, 23rd -24th March 2014.
  • Hayes, M. Dennis, A. Gibson, O. Mee, J.A. Castle, P. Ross, E.Z. Maxwell, N.S. (2012). Progressive versus traditional heat acclimation on intermittent sprint exercise in the heat. International Conference on Science and Medicine in Sport (ICSEMIS), Glasgow, UK.
  • Maxwell, N. Woolf, C. Mee, J.A. Davison, T. Castle, P. (2010). Deception of pre heating and body core temperature improves self-paced 3k running of females in hot humid conditions. British Association of Sport and Exercise Science (BASES) conference, Glasgow, UK.

Editorships and Editorial Board Membership

Invited reviewer for Sport Medicine, International Journal of Sport Physiology and Performance, Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, and the Journal of Thermal Biology

Hobbies and Interests

Jessica regularly practices Ashtanga yoga and when she can find a hot room or heated Yurt, Bikram yoga. Jessica also enjoys trail and road running and cooking up healthy and delicious foods.