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Current Students: 2014 entry

The undergraduate bursaries scheme for students who started their course in September 2014 includes the bursaries listed below. Please note:

  • These bursaries will only be available to full-time, undergraduate students who started their first year of higher education on or after 1 September 2014, are liable to the £9,000 tuition fee and are registered and in attendance 14 days prior to the particular bursary payment date.
  • Students in receipt of other bursary payments (e.g. NHS, Health & Social Care Council, ITT Training Grants) will not be eligible for the bursaries scheme.
  • Bursary payments will be administered and distributed by the Student Loans Company (SLC) on behalf of the University. You must have completed a student finance  assessment form (PN1/PR1) to be eligible for a bursary. In addition, you must have given your consent on this form, for your information to be shared with the SLC.

Bangor Bursaries

The Bangor Bursary aims to provide additional support for those from lower income families and means you could receive up to £1,500 a year in extra financial help from the University. The Bangor Bursary is only available to UK and EU students – the amount you receive will depend on your household income:

  • Students with a household income of up to £25,000 will be eligible for the £1,500 Bangor Bursary
  • Students with a household income between £25,001 and £40,000 will be eligible for the £750 Bangor Bursary

Click here to view the FAQ'S about Bangor Bursaries.

Start-Up Bursaries

Start-Up Bursaries of £1000 are available for those students who are entering the University from care. The Start-Up Bursaries are intended to cover course related costs such as books, equipment, travel and study aids. These are one-off, non repayable bursaries which will be paid in the first year only.

Students entering the University from care will need to make Wendy Williams, the Care Leavers Adviser in the Money Support Unit within Student Services aware of this, so that the bursary payment can be made. Contact Wendy on 01248 383637 or email

Welsh Medium Bursaries

Students studying 40 credits or more through the medium of Welsh will be eligible for the £250 Welsh Medium Bursary.

Additional Bursaries

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