Part-time finance

New Part-time Undergraduate Student Finance for - 2017/18

If you are a part-time higher education student, financial help is available towards your fees and other costs related to your course.

What funding is available for part-time course?

  • Tuition Fee Loan
  • Course Grant

How much you may get depends on your personal circumstances, the type and intensity of course you do and from which part of the UK you are from.

There is also additional financial support available to students with a disability and or you have children or adult dependents.

Previous Higher Education Study

If you have already have a degree then you cannot get part-time funding.

If you have previously studies a full-time HE course, but did not gain a degree, then you may get funding for a new part-time course.

If you have previous study on a part-time HE course, then the current regulations state that you cannot have any more than 8 years part-time funding in total.

Funding for Welsh Domiciled Students

Tuition Fee Loan

If you're a new part-time or a distance learning student starting your course on or after 1st September 2014 you could get a Tuition Fee Loan to help pay for your tuition fees.

The maximum Tuition Fee Loan available for Welsh students attending a HEI is £2,625.

If the tuition fee charged by the University or College is more than the Tuition Fee Loan available, then you will have to fund the difference yourself.  You must also be studying an average course intensity of at least 25% to get a Tuition Fee Loan.  A Tuition Fee Loan is available to UK students regardless of your household income.

Repaying your Tuition Fee Loan

You must repay your Tuition Fee Loan including any interest after you complete or leave your course and earn £21,000 or more per annum.  Interest is added to your loan balance from the day the first loan payment is made to your University or College.

Course Grant

You could get a Course Grant of up to £1,155.  This will help you with course related costs such as books and travel.

How much you get will be based on your household income.

For example:

Single student with no dependent children:

Household Income

Amount of Course Grant

Less than £26,095 Maximum Course grant of £1,155
£26,095 to £28,180 Partial Course Grant (at least £50)
More than £28,181 No Course Grant

You must be studying at an average course intensity of at least 50% to get a Course Grant. The grant is paid in one lump sum and does not have to be repaid at the end of your studies.

How to apply and when

You can apply by downloading a PTL1 application form from the following website in June 2018:

Student currently living in Wales:

Extra Financial Help

Disabled Students' Allowance

Part-time students with disabilities, long-term health conditions or or specific learning difficulties, including distance learning students who are studying at least 25% of a full-time course, may be able to get Disabled Students’ Allowances (DSA). DSA can help pay the extra costs you have (in relation to studying for a course of higher education) as a direct result of your disability or specific learning difficulty. DSA does not depend on your income or that of your family and will not have to be repaid at the end of your studies. To apply for DSA, you will need to fill in an additional form called a DSA1f which you can download from the website listed above. 

For further information, support and advice you can contact our Disability Service website by here here:

Parents Learning Allowance - PLA

If you have dependent children, you may be entitled to apply for the Parents Learning Allowance of up to £1557.  How much you will receive will depend on your household income and the intensity of study - minimum 50%. You will not have to repay this allowance at the end of your studies.

Childcare Grant

Helps with childcare costs if you have dependent children in registered or approved childcare.  How much you will recevie will depend on your taxable household income and intensity of study - minimum 50%. You will not have to repay this grant at the end of your studies.

Adult Dependant Grant - ADG

If you have a partner or another adult, who is financially dependant on you, you can apply for the Adult Dependant Grant of up to £2,732.  How much you'll recevie will depend on your household income and the intensity of study - minimum 50%. You will not have to repay this grant at the end of your studies.

To apply for the extra financial help you will be sent the appropriate forms by Student Fiance Wales or they can be downloaded from their website:

Studying less than 50% of a full-time course

If your course is less than 50% of an equivalent full-time course (e.g. if you’re studying less than 60 credits a year) you might be eligible for a fee waiver from the University. You may be eligible to have your tuition fees waived if you are studying at undergraduate level and in receipt of certain benefits, and do not already have a degree.

If you’re studying at the School of Lifelong Learning contact the school directly.

If you’re studying at any other school at the university get in contact with the Money Adviser.