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Profile of the Dance Society

The Dance Society in Bangor, BU Dance, is one of the biggest clubs in the AU. With over 300 members, it’s a wide and close community. There’s a dance style for everyone, from Ballet, Jazz, and Tap, to Street, Belly, and Irish – there’s plenty of choice.

One of the best things about the society is that every class is taught by students in Bangor; who study a wide variety of subjects such as Music, Welsh and Biology! Also, we don’t audition our dancers – everyone is welcome! The society holds six classes that offer both Beginners and Advanced Classes – in Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Street, Contemporary and Ballroom – and all of the teachers have relevant qualifications in the fields, and are very willing to raise the standard of technique in their classes.

Every February, we go to Edinburgh for a weekend for a dance competition, where we compete against 15 other universities. Those universities hold classes that are taught by professional teachers, so we stand out for being completely student-taught. Despite this, in the latest competition, two of our dance classes received 3rd place; Beginners Jazz, and Advanced Street. This was an amazing experience for us as a society, and it was great celebrating our success.

Also, we went to the Varsity Competition at the end of March, and competed against Aberystwyth University’s Dance Society. It was lovely seeing the different ideas that they had. Even though we didn’t win the whole competition, our Beginners Jazz and Advanced Tap classes won first place, which was a massive pleasure for our teachers and the society.

As well as the competitions, we also like to raise money for charities. Recently, we took part in a 24hr Danceathon, which raised a lot of money for the charity Hope House, and a charity for MS. Loads of our dancers took part in it, and it was lovely to support charities with support from the society.

The new Dance committee was elected recently. The new Captain, Rhys Dilwyn Jenkins, is a fluent Welsh speaker, and is going to help the Media Co-Ordinator, Kirsty Harrison, to translate the website in order to encourage more Welsh people to join. “I will be very happy to have more Welsh speakers in the society, and I think that a bilingual website is the first step towards ensuring that!” he says. The society is looking forward to welcoming the new members in the next academic year.