Meet the Digital Ambassadors

Our Digital Ambassadors are Bangor University students who are happy to share their student experience on social media for a real taste of student life.

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Danielle Murray

Danielle Murray, 22 from Crawley is a third year Psychology student.

Becoming a Digital Ambassador…

"This is an excellent opportunity for me to share my experiences at Bangor University and perfect my social media skills as I hope to gain employment in the digital marketing industry after graduating."

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About Bangor

What’s great about Bangor University is the amount of clubs and societies available, and even better they’re free! This means that you can go around and try a magnitude of activities and find the right one for you, stay fit and gain multiple social circles.

With Bangor being a small community of students you tend to find that these social circles are always linked to one another through mutual friends and interests. The sense of community that comes from this is quite unexplainable but truly beautiful.

Besides the fun stuff, there is also academia, this too is made as fun as it can be with enthusiastic professors. This enthusiasm creates a great team of staff that are there to help your every need.  Drop in sessions and extra classes are available if you feel that you are struggling, making you always feel supported.

Megan Bradley

Megan Bradley, 20 from Alderley Edge is a third year Accounting and Economics student.

Becoming a Digital Ambassador…

"I have worked with the marketing team during open days and this gave me more confidence and was very rewarding. This is a great opportunity as I am interested in pursuing a career in marketing.   I am also slightly obsessed with Instagram and what better scenery than in Bangor!"

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About Bangor

I visited a friend who was already a student at Bangor University and was able to stay in the halls as well as going to the open day.  I got to experience student life and fell in love with the city.  It also offered a perfect combination of subjects as a degree for me.

The wide range of free societies and clubs also attracted me, as I have been a keen dancer all my life and am now a teacher and committee member of the dance club here at the University.  I have even won an award for my choreography so far this year.

This university and its surroundings have endless opportunities and places to go and it’s amazing that it is only 2 hours from my home!

Robert Jones

Robert Jones, 19 from Jersey is a second year Medical Science student.

Becoming a Digital Ambassador…

"I want to use this role to share my experiences of student life and activities at Bangor that not all people get to see. I regularly use social media to highlight the vast array of activities and the beautiful surrounding landscape."   

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About Bangor

When I found Bangor I was amazed.   The views from the University are incredible. To be surrounded by water made me feel at home, whilst the surrounding landscape provided long walks. The course is fantastic and the staff are great.

There is an excellent range of activities on offer. I am a member of many university societies, such as; Cricket, University Symphony Orchestra, Music Orchestra, Concert Band, Medical Society and Dragon Sport Volunteering.  I am also a keen walker and runner and enjoy the countryside.

I am very passionate about Bangor!

Jess Tapper

Jess Tapper, 20 from Preston is a third year Psychology student.

Becoming a Digital Ambassador…

"I enjoy sharing my exciting and interesting experiences throughout life with my friends over social media as I am proud of the opportunities I am given whilst studying in such a beautiful location. I find being outdoor and taking part in a plethora of activities both liberating and a form of character building. "

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About Bangor

The beautiful location and the huge number of free societies and clubs means you could never be bored and there was always something new to try.

As Bangor is a relatively small place compared to other big city universities, this to me is an advantage as I feel so much safer due to the community feel of the area.  Furthermore, the ability to walk to lectures and into town gives you an added sense of independence as everything you could need is on your doorstep which is highly convenient. Finally, the academic school I am part of is both supportive and highly developed in its field, providing excellent teaching facilities and lecturers throughout my degree experience.

Mohammad Bazil Bin Mohd Shahriman

Mohammad Bazil Bin Mohd Shahriman, 20 from Malaysia is an Environmental Science student.

Becoming a Digital Ambassador…

"I take great pride in Bangor, and want to share my love for the university with the world.  I already periodically share my captivation of Bangor with friends and family by use of social media."

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About Bangor

It is a small city therefore getting around is easy. You can practically walk everywhere! Joining clubs and societies here are completely free!

The staff were really friendly and helpful, everyone here is amazingly welcoming.

Bangor exceeded my expectations. Even as a small university town, it’s full of life.  There’s plenty to do! In and around this lovely town named Bangor.

Aleksandra (Ola) Korbuszewska

Aleksandra (Ola) Korbuszewska, 21 from Poland is a third year Creative Studies student.

Becoming a Digital Ambassador…

"As an International Student Ambassador I would like to share what the University offers to students and how they can support them. There are so many events and opportunities that students are sometimes not aware of and often they do not appreciate how advantageous some of them can be.

I’m interested in social media and film making and this is one of the factors that encouraged me to want to become a Digital Ambassador.  Also, it is a great opportunity for a Media and Creative Studies student to develop skills they have already gained in film making and media."

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About Bangor

It is well known for its student satisfaction in support and making you feel comfortable and happy.  A small city with a positive energy.  Members of the staff are always ready and happy to help.

You can try out anything new. Plenty of opportunities are open to you.
Living in student accommodation was the best experience I have ever had. I met people I became best friends with and I still live with.