Student Profile: Andrew Leavers – Computer Science

Andrew LeaversAndrew Leavers

Andrew from Lancaster is currently in his third year studying Computer Science. During his second year he took part in the Enterprise by Design scheme

Enterprise by Design Scheme…

I took part in the scheme last year. You get teamed up in groups where everyone brings their own unique skill to the table. You get given a brief from the real world and asked to come up with a solution in your team. Our brief was to create an application that brought people back to the high street. We got given some details and were guided through a process to help shape our ideas. As we were creating a mobile application I was able to directly help with what we would be able to achieve, and, if we had more time where we could go with the app. Using the graphic designers help with layout and publicity along with our business students’ finance plan we were able to create a possible solution using history and augmented reality. If your team is driven and confident enough with their idea then the EbD team will help you take it further and give you the chance to make it into an actual business and product.

The scheme is a great way to get outside of your course and work with a team of different skills, rather than you all having the same skills and getting frustrated that everyone wants to do the same parts of the project.