Student Ambassadors


Chanjing LiuChanjing Liu

Chanjing Liu – PhD in Translation Studies

Chanjing Liu is studying a PhD in Translation Studies.

My teacher recommended Bangor University to me when I was at the end of my undergraduate study. I was attracted by the beautiful scenery in Wales, Bangor University’s high teaching quality and its open academic atmosphere.

Deying WangDeying Wang

Deying Wang – PhD, mainly focusing on the Nutrient Cycle

Deying Wang from Shandong Province in China is studying for a Ph.D in the School of the Environment Natural Resources and Geography

My supervisor is always there to help me whenever I am in need, also the staff of Bangor University are really friendly and helpful.

Hongzhou TangHongzhou Tang

Hongzhou Tang – BSc Banking and Finance

Hongzhou Tang from China is studying Banking and Finance.

The course is fantastic, the lecturers give high quality lectures and tutorials. They are approachable and you can email them whenever you have questions. I also like the self-study style because it allows me to learn at my own pace.

Jiahui YuanJiahui Yuan

Jiahui Yuan – Accounting and Finance

Jiahui Yuan from China is in the second year of an Accounting and Finance degree at Bangor Business School.

The best thing about Bangor is that you can enjoy a high-quality education with a low living cost. The accommodation fee is affordable and you will pay next to nothing for transport as you can walk everywhere.

Junhui WangJunhui Wang

Junhui Wang – Banking and Finance

Junhui Wang from China is a Banking and Finance student of Bangor College in Changsha. She has studied part of her degree in China and is now completing her degree in Banking and Finance at Bangor University.

The Study Skills Center is really helpful. They hold writing workshops to help students write and polish essays. The Bangor Careers and Employability Service is helpful as well. You can shape your CV and get career advice there.

Mengying ZhouMengying Zhou

Mengying Zhou – Banking and Finance

Mengying Zhou, from China, is in 3rd year studying Management with Banking and Finance.

The best thing about my course is that I can learn a wide range of subjects including management, finance, banking and accounting. There are lots of international events that can make us feel at home.