Student Ambassador: Mika Foux – Film Studies

From: Israel

Why choose Bangor?

I heard about Bangor University through UCAS, and found that the course looked more interesting than other universities that I looked at. I decided to come to Bangor University after attending the Open Day and seeing the amount of care and effort the school had put into its students.

The International Ambassador Scheme

The International Student Ambassadors scheme makes students feel very welcome. International students arrive earlier than others, but are made to feel very much at home by the International Student Ambassadors. I wanted to become an Ambassador, as when I arrived to university, not knowing anyone, I felt very at ease being taken care of by the ambassadors.

The most difficult thing about being an international student...

I find the most difficult thing about being an international student is not being able to speak your native language on a regular basis.

The course...

The best thing about my course is the amount of care I get from the staff. I feel that I can approach my lecturers if need be as they truly care about their students.

Clubs and Societies...

I am involved with a few societies, and have found that they are very helpful in meeting new people and making new friends

Best thing about Bangor...

I find the best thing about living in Bangor is the small size of it. With the city being so small, it feels like anywhere you go is a part of campus.

What will you miss about Bangor when you leave?

When I leave Bangor, I will miss the beautiful scenery, but most of all, will miss the fact that anywhere you go, you always are made to feel at home and are surrounded by other students.

Has the University been supportive?

The university has been very supportive during my time here. Student services, personal tutors and lecturers are always there to help and support if need be.

Advice for new students

The advice I would give to students planning to come to Bangor is get involved as much with societies and activities, as they are such a good way to make friends with similar interests and have fun.