Postgraduate Student Profiles

Elliott WardElliott Ward

Elliott Ward – MSc Neuroimaging

Elliott Ward from Cambridge is studying MSc Neuroimaging

There is always someone you can email with any kind of problem. There are peer guides who will show you around the town, personal tutors who will know all about your course, not to mention the email buddy system. You never feel like you’re alone as there’s always someone you can get in contact with!

Mahshid BagheriMahshid Bagheri

Mahshid Bagheri – Business & Management Studies

Mahshid Bagheri is from Iran and is a PhD student in Business & Management studies.

I found Bangor Business School as a strong base of knowledge and publications. This is a multidisciplinary school that offers high quality programs for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Jamie PottenJamie Potten

Jamie Potten – MBA Management

Jamie Potten is from Maidstone in Kent. He graduated from Bangor with a degree in Creative Studies and is now studying for an MBA in Management.

Bangor offered everything I wanted, I’d heard great things about the course and it’s such an amazing and unique place to study, There really is nowhere like it.

Bukola AdetonwaBukola Adetonwa

Bukola Adetonwa – PhD in Management Studies

Bukola Adetonwa is from Nigeria. She's in her first year studying a PhD in Management Studies.

The Bangor Business School is a great, supportive, multi-diverse establishment made up of very supportive lecturers who guide students through their academic journey.

Michela CorteseMichela Cortese

Michela Cortese – PhD Creative Studies

Michela is a PhD candidate and associate lecturer in journalism and visual media studies at Bangor University. She is an expert in risk communication and environmental communication, and she is a member and adviser for the Media and Persuasive Communication Network at Bangor.

Angel Tan Jia YiuenAngel Tan Jia Yiuen

Angel Tan Jia Yiuen – MSc Applied Behaviour Analysis

Angel Tan Jia Yiuen is 22 and from Malaysia. She is currently studying MSc Applied Behaviour Analysis at Bangor University. She graduated with a 1st Class honours from Bangor in BSc Psychology.

The lecturers are really knowledgeable and they are very helpful in guiding you for assignments and exams. Bangor University also offers different Psychology courses in order to better fit student with specific interests in different fields.

Srimonti GuhaSrimonti Guha

Srimonti Guha – Clinical and Health Psychology

Srimonti Guha is from India and is studying MSc Clinical and Health Psychology.

Psychology in Bangor is the best. The main reason being the exposure and access that we receive from the professors. We get ample amount of support from them, the instant feedback about our work helps us to refine our work in a better way.

Reda AbdelkareemReda Abdelkareem

Reda Abdelkareem – PhD in Strategy

Reda Abdelkareem from Egypt is a PhD student in strategy at the Business school

Enjoy every minute you spend here in Bangor. There are a lot of things to do besides studying and the university organises trips and fascinating activities for the students.

Dominic WodehouseDominic Wodehouse

Dominic Wodehouse – PhD in Environmental Science

Dominic is studying part-time for a PhD in Environmental Science Community Mangrove Management and Restoration.

This PhD has allowed me to follow my passion and study exactly what I wanted to learn. The most stimulating and fun element of the Academic School is the fact that the PhD students come from all over the world, which makes discussions and socialising very interesting and entertaining.

Chanjing LiuChanjing Liu

Chanjing Liu – PhD in Translation Studies

Chanjing Liu is studying a PhD in Translation Studies.

My teacher recommended Bangor University to me when I was at the end of my undergraduate study. I was attracted by the beautiful scenery in Wales, Bangor University’s high teaching quality and its open academic atmosphere.

Mohammed AlyamiMohammed Alyami

Mohammed Alyami – Analytical Chemistry

Mohammed Saeed Alyami is from Saudi Arabia and is studying a PhD in Analytical Chemistry.

I chose to study in Bangor because it's a nice university and there is always support for the students.

Connor RyanConnor Ryan

Connor Ryan – MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology

Connor Ryan graduated from Bangor University with a 2:1 in BSc Sport and Exercise Psychology and is now studying a MSc Sport and Exercise Psychology here.

Academically Bangor is brilliant, the support from the staff is excellent, especially in extreme circumstances where I broke my leg and couldn’t attend lectures, the amount of support I had was unwavering.

Charu DadaCharu Dada

Charu Dada – EdD Education Studies

Charu Dada is studying an EdD in Education Studies.

For me the best thing about living in Bangor is the peaceful, quiet, beautiful views of the Snowdonia Mountains and the sea.

Kajenje MagessaKajenje Magessa

Kajenje Magessa – Phd in Forestry

Kajenje Magessa from Tanzania is studying a PhD in Forestry

The university is well located with a good landscape and security, which promotes learning. The university has enough research facilities with excellent staff who are ready to provide support to students at any time when required.

Elliot SampsonElliot Sampson

Elliot Sampson – MSc Applied Marine Geosciences

Elliot Sampson from Oxfordshire is studying MSc Applied Marine Geosciences.

Bangor is one of the few universities in the UK where it is completely free to join all societies. My favourite club this year is the Canoe Club, where there are weekly trips to local rivers to do white water kayaking.

Zexi LiZexi Li

Zexi Li – MSc Applied Behaviour Analysis

Lexi is from Beijing in China. She has recently graduated in a BSc in Psychology and is now studying an MSc in Applied Behaviour Analysis.

Bangor Psychology has enabled ne to expand my knowledge, grow up healthy, find my career aims and Bangor has been a very good platform to help and support me to achieve my goals.

Tara JohnstonTara Johnston

Tara Johnston – MSc Clinical and Health Psychology

Tara Johnston is from The Wirral. She went to Upton Hall School before coming to Bangor to study Psychology.

Life in Bangor has a really friendly, community feel. I enjoy everything being so close by, you don’t feel alone in a big city or lost very often.

Isabel VincentIsabel Vincent

Isabel Vincent – PhD in Creative Studies

Isabel Vincent from Cardiff studied both her undergraduate degree and Master's at Bangor and is studying for a PhD

I am undertaking practice led research, looking at transmedia storytelling within science fiction. I left Bangor for a year after my Masters degree, but when I came back up for graduation I knew that I wanted to come back to Bangor to continue my studies. I was fortunate enough to be offered a fee waiver for my PhD.

Syed AslamSyed Aslam

Syed Aslam – Computer Science

Syed Aslam from Pakistan is studying for a PhD in Computer Science.

Being a PhD student is a totally different experience for me from my previous studies. The best thing is that I have to do self-study, which makes me feel free.

Junaidu Isah BunguduJunaidu Isah Bungudu

Junaidu Isah Bungudu – PhD in Chemistry

Junaidu Isah Bungudu from Nigeria is studying for a PhD in Chemistry.

The International student service has been a source of happiness for me and my personal tutor has been wonderful.

Sandra GeorgeSandra George

Sandra George – Physician Associate Studies

Sandra George from Ireland graduated from Bangor University with an undergraduate degree in Medical Sciences. She is now studying to be a Physician Associate.

I wanted to study a degree that was as close to medicine as possible in order to give me a good insight and foundation before I fully decided if it was what I wanted to do and Bangor provided the perfect course, which was Medical Sciences.

Jordan GlendenningJordan Glendenning

Jordan Glendenning – PhD in Digital Fiction

Jordan Glendenning is 25, from Darlington, and studied as an undergraduate at Bangor University before commencing a PhD in Digital Fiction. Jordan also works as a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the school.

Matthew MulesMatthew Mules

Matthew Mules – MSc Environmental and Business Management

Matthew Mules is from Kenya and is studying MSc Environmental and Business Management.

I was particularly impressed with the quality and commitment with which Bangor treated its international students. This also encouraged me to come here as I knew I would be looked after and helped to settle in to the British education system.

Alejandra Vergara-PeñaAlejandra Vergara-Peña

Alejandra Vergara-Peña – PhD in Ocean Sciences

Alejandra Vergara-Peña is 27 and from Colombia. She is studying for a PhD in Ocean Sciences.

Bangor is a place where you can find all you need. You will find a good/beautiful environment or landscape, you will find good lectures and a study system that thinks about every single student, supporting them all the way.

Beverly Pickard-JonesBeverly Pickard-Jones

Beverly Pickard-Jones – MSc in Psychological Research

Beverley Pickard-Jones lives near Bangor and worked as a business consultant before studying at Bangor. She's now studying a MSc in Psychological Research.

One of my favourite modules explored conceptual issues in psychology. We were able to define our own essay title and research an area that interested us. I loved that assignment!

Adekemi Olabisi AdebowaleAdekemi Olabisi Adebowale

Adekemi Olabisi Adebowale – PhD Law

Adekemi is 34 years old and from Nigeria. She is in her third year of studying for a PhD in Law.

Prospective students will definitely find Bangor welcoming because it is a friendly community and the people are always ready to assist and support to make them feel at ease.

Saniya KulkarniSaniya Kulkarni

Saniya Kulkarni – MSc in Consumer Psychology with Business.

Saniya Kulkarni is from India. She is studying MSc in Consumer Psychology with Business.

Life in Bangor is easy and comfortable as everything is nearby and at a walking distance. Bangor is lovely as it is located between the Snowdon mountains and the menai strait. The sunsets are beautiful from the Bangor pier.

Deying WangDeying Wang

Deying Wang – PhD, mainly focusing on the Nutrient Cycle

Deying Wang from Shandong Province in China is studying for a Ph.D in the School of the Environment Natural Resources and Geography

My supervisor is always there to help me whenever I am in need, also the staff of Bangor University are really friendly and helpful.

Kristin LisselKristin Lissel

Kristin Lissel – PhD in Critical and Creative Writing

Kristin studied Creative and Professional Writing at Bangor and is now pursuing a part-time PhD at Bangor, whilst being based in Sweden.

As I am a PhD student, I have had the privilege of choosing and tailoring my own research topic, which is an extension of what I learned during my undergraduate course. In simple terms, I research a possible link between Scandinavian folklore and modern Nordic noir through practice based research.