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Student Profile: Elliot Goddard – BSc Product Design

Elliot GoddardElliot Goddard

Elliot Goddard is from Nelson, Caerphilly in South Wales. Before coming to Bangor, he studied at UWC Atlantic College in Llantwit Major.

Why Bangor?

After I left school I wanted to study architecture or product design, but after completing a period of work experience at an architect’s, I decide that I preferred Product Design. I saw that Bangor had a Product Design course, and I knew that the University was a 15-minute drive from Snowdonia. It has everything that I love - surfing, kayaking, climbing and cycling, all with like-minded people.

The course …

What I love about Product Design at Bangor University is that we have very knowledgeable lecturers with industry experience and also that we have a 7-9 week placement every year, allowing me to specialise in the specific industry that interests me.

Clubs and Societies

I am the Captain of the Bangor University Canoe Polo team and I was the Publicity Co-ordinator for the Christian Union.

Living in halls…

I lived in halls for my first year, and it was very convenient. It is the prime location to meet people, get to lectures and have a free gym pass! Definitely worth it!

Best thing about Bangor…

I love the people and the place. It is a very outdoor-sports-driven area, with so many people that are passionate about exploring and enjoying nature.


I was selected to participate in the British Universities Kayak Expedition 2019, where, along with six of the best university white-water kayakers in the UK, I will kayak remote rivers in the Russian Far East.

Bangor University student to embark on kayak trip of a lifetime

When you leave Bangor, what will you miss?

I will leave Bangor in Summer 2020. I will definitely miss this small city, which has everything you need, but without the crazy and overcrowded areas.

Future plans…

In the future, I plan to travel the world, gaining experiences and, hopefully, gain a job in outdoor equipment design, and then to start a family and settle down somewhere.