Undergraduate Student Profiles

Clodagh May ColbeckClodagh May Colbeck

Clodagh May Colbeck – BA French, Italian and Spanish

Clodagh May Collbeck is originally from the Wirral, and is studying French, Italian and Spanish at Bangor. She tells us about her time here.

My initial interest in Bangor University was sparked by the fact it was the only university I found which offered the Three Language degree programme.

Benjamin SimmondsBenjamin Simmonds

Benjamin Simmonds – Financial Economics

Benjamin Simmonds, from Ashford in Kent is studying Financial Economics.

The University offers great opportunities to develop skills through the Bangor Career and Employability office. I got involved in: Flux, Enterprise by Design and the University Business Challenge.

Stephanie MorrisStephanie Morris

Stephanie Morris – Adult Nursing BN (Hons)

Stephanie Morris is from Shropshire. She's an Adult Nurse student following the programme based at Bangor’s Wrexham Campus.

I have had so many wonderful opportunities which have helped me to thrive both academically and professionally.

Sera Llewelyn DaviesSera Llewelyn Davies

Sera Llewelyn Davies – Adult Nursing BN (Hons)

Sera lives on a farm near Porthmadog. She's studying Adult Nursing at Bangor University through the medium of Welsh.

I have been extremely lucky in getting work experience in North Wales. The opportunities have benefited me in continuing to study the nursing course through the medium of Welsh. It has also given me the opportunity to obtain work in North Wales.

Jordan Thomas – BSc Sport, Health and Physical Education

Jordan David Lee Thomas, from the Isle of Anglesey, studies BSc Sport, Health and Physical Education. Before coming to Bangor University he attended Ysgol Uwchradd Bodedern and Coleg Menai, Bangor.

Bangor University is an excellent establishment which is all down to the hard working and supportive staff members.

Joseph PeppardJoseph Peppard

Joseph Peppard – Sport Science (Outdoor Activities)

Joseph Peppard, 18, from Middlezoy in Somerset is in his first year studying Sport Science with Outdoor Activities

Lecturers are both passionate and heavily involved with their specialized subjects allowing them to relay an immense amount of knowledge and previous experiences to the students, making the learning environment exceptional.

Rajalakshmi MadhavanRajalakshmi Madhavan

Rajalakshmi Madhavan – Psychology with Neuropsychology

Rajalakshmi Satarai Madhavan, 18 from Chennai, India is in her first year at Bangor studying Psychology with Neuropsychology.

I would say the best thing about Bangor is the scenery, you cannot rival the pier and the view from Menai Bridge. The location is amazing and the fact that is more of a student city than anything else adds to its advantages.

Leisha Kemp-WalkerLeisha Kemp-Walker

Leisha Kemp-Walker – BA French and Spanish

Leisha is studying French and Spanish and tells us about her time at Bangor.

Megan BradleyMegan Bradley

Megan Bradley – BSc Accounting and Economics

Megan Bradley from Wilmslow, Cheshire is a third year BSc Accounting and Economics student.

The staff are so lovely and always have time to help you out whether it’s in their office hours or by email, they truly do want the best for your wellbeing and to make sure that you succeed and get the grades you want.

Eleanor RandallEleanor Randall

Eleanor Randall – Zoology

Eleanor Randall is from Trearddur Bay, Anglesey and is studying Zoology.

Bangor is one of the best university locations with so many opportunities for sports and activities thanks to the closeness of the mountains and miles of coastline.

Nicola BrownNicola Brown

Nicola Brown – Psychology with Neuropsychology BSc (Hons)

Nicola is studying Psychology with Neuropsychology at Bangor.

Beautiful, I live in Llanberis, I see Snowdon from my bedroom window.

Sophie HelliwellSophie Helliwell

Sophie Helliwell – Law with French (European Experience) LLB

Sophie Helliwell is 19 from Loxley, Sheffield. She is currently in her first year studying Law with French.

I thoroughly enjoy my course. I find that being able to do two subjects instead of just one allows me to vary my work so I don’t get too bogged down doing one thing. I also get to go to France for my third year which is amazing.

Jasmine YeungJasmine Yeung

Jasmine Yeung – Law

Jasmine Yeung, 20 from Hong Kong is studying Law at Bangor.

The lecturers take student feedback very seriously, which means that you’re always getting the most out of them - even out of lectures they’ll willingly give up their time to help you!

Francesca SciarrilloFrancesca Sciarrillo

Francesca Sciarrillo – English Literature

Francesca Sciarrillo is from Mold, Flintshire in North Wales and is studying English Literature.

The highlight of my course so far has been developing my own writing skills and being able to study all different time periods and genres. I particularly like the fact that modules are available to look specifically at Welsh Literature in English, or Literature from all four nations.

Ann-Sophie WarkentinAnn-Sophie Warkentin

Ann-Sophie Warkentin – Zoology with Animal Behaviour

Ann-Sophie Warkentin is from Germany. She is in the second year of a Zoology with Animal Behaviour degree.

The School of Biological Sciences is great because they have a good mixture between applied modules and modules with the theory behind it. I also enjoy the option to take modules from other Natural Sciences.

Ryan McstravickRyan Mcstravick

Ryan Mcstravick – Medical Sciences (BMedSci)

Ryan McStravick from Belfast is a 2nd Year Medical Sciences student

There is so much variety within the course. It truly gives you a wide foundation to build the rest of your future career and allows you to shine amongst the crowds.

Lois Clwyd HughesLois Clwyd Hughes

Lois Clwyd Hughes – Primary Education

Lois Clwyd Hughes from Rhewl, Ruthin is studying Primary Education.

I came to an Open Day on one of the hottest days in July and the views from the campus were spectacular. I was welcomed by friendly staff and students, instantly making me feel like I could see myself living here during my studies.

Temiloluwa ObiyemiTemiloluwa Obiyemi

Temiloluwa Obiyemi – Law

Temiloluwa Obiyemi, 25 from Vienna, Austria is studying Law at Bangor. She’s currently in her second year.

I love the course, although it is hard and very effortful, we learn about so many interesting cases, we have the chance to listen to amazing guest lectures and we have wonderful and brilliant lecturers.

Andrea ThomasAndrea Thomas

Andrea Thomas – Healthcare Sciences

Andrea Thomas is originally from Switzerland and has been living in North Wales since 2003. She is studying Midwifery at Bangor University.

For me personally, the best thing about the school are the tutors. Their mission is to provide the best possible experience to their students and are working hard to achieve this.

Jade SwiftJade Swift

Jade Swift – Midwifery BM (Hons)

Jade is a 2nd year Midwifery student at Bangor University, and lives in Rhyl.

I enjoy all aspects of my placements but my favorite area is community. I love working closely with women and their families within the community and their own homes.

Sunila SiddiquiSunila Siddiqui

Sunila Siddiqui – Psychology with Neuropsychology

Sunila Siddiqui from Karachi in Pakistan is in the third year of her Psychology with Neuropsychology degree at Bangor.

Bangor University is recognised internationally for its research and its excellent reputation influenced my decision to apply here.

Megan PriceMegan Price

Megan Price – BA French, German and Italian

Megan is studying French, German and Italian. She's from Abergavenny, South Wales, and tells us about what she has enjoyed about being a student at Bangor.

Will Hakesley Will Hakesley 

Will Hakesley  – German and Chinese with French

Will is originally from Worcestershire, and is studying German and Chinese with French.

Pastoral care at Bangor is so much more helpful than I've seen anywhere else, I've never seen a lecturer or personal tutor turn down a student who asks for help, for personal or academic issues.

Shailaja BakshiShailaja Bakshi

Shailaja Bakshi – Linguistics

Shailaja Bakshi is from Gurgaon in India and is studying Linguistics at Bangor University.

I live in Garth halls of residence and it has been a great experience living and adjusting with other fellow students. The best part is socializing in the kitchens and the common room at the end of a busy day.

Mark BarrowMark Barrow

Mark Barrow – History with Journalism

Mark Barrow from Oldham, Greater Manchester is a second year History with Journalism student.

All my lecturers clearly have experience and enthusiasm for what they teach. There is a very good connection between staff and students in History especially.

Betsan WilliamsBetsan Williams

Betsan Williams – Welsh History

Betsan Williams is from Llangolman, Pembrokeshire and is studying Welsh History and History.

If you do decide to come to Bangor, take advantage on everything that gets thrown at you. It’s only three years of your life and for me they have been the best years of my life.

Erin JonesErin Jones

Erin Jones – Adult Nursing BN (Hons)

Erin Jones is from Bontnewydd, by Caernarfon. She's an Adult Nurse student at Bangor University.

I would encourage anyone to apply for a scholarship. It opens a big door for you, not only at University, but also when you'll be going into the workplace.

Abbey John-DaviesAbbey John-Davies

Abbey John-Davies – Creative Studies

Abbey John-Davies is from Barry, South Wales, and is studying Creative Studies.

My School is great as JP Hall is constantly hosting some sort of play or dance class. My lecturers are constantly willing to help and they all have to be the most interesting people I’ve ever met in my life.

Allan BramwellAllan Bramwell

Allan Bramwell – BSc Psychology with International Experience

Allan Bramwell from Newcastle is currently undertaking his international experience year in Japan.

For my study abroad year I am studying at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan. I am studying Japanese which has always been an interest of mine outside of Psychology and will hopefully help me progress with my career goals.

John HanleyJohn Hanley

John Hanley – Geography

John Francis Hanley, 20 from Stratford-Upon-Avon is currently in his third year studying Geography at Bangor.

It’s a small university, and has a close knit school of Geography. We’re surrounded by excellent scenery here at Bangor, with so much beauty and chance for adventure on our doorstep.

Stephen Mark ErhornStephen Mark Erhorn

Stephen Mark Erhorn – BA German

Stephen is originally from Newcastle upon Tyne. He's studying a degree in German at Bangor University.

Charli WilsonCharli Wilson

Charli Wilson – Italian and History

Charli Wilson is from London, UK. She's studying Italian and History. Charlie tells us why she chose to study at Bangor.

Emily GauntEmily Gaunt

Emily Gaunt – Psychology

Emily Gaunt, 19 from Surrey is a first year student at Bangor, studying Psychology.

I chose Bangor not only because the course and lectures were very impressive but because it felt homely to me, like a little community, which is something I really loved.

Sophie Jade Griffith-LucasSophie Jade Griffith-Lucas

Sophie Jade Griffith-Lucas – Criminology and Criminal Justice

Sophie, from Anglesey, is in her first year studying Criminology & Criminal Justice at Bangor University.

I won the Bangor Merit Scholarship which is £1,500, broken to £500 per year of study. The money that I get each year will help me to buy academic books as they can be pricey. It felt incredibly amazing to be the only one in Conwy being rewarded this scholarship. I consider myself being very lucky.

Molly Victoria CzachurMolly Victoria Czachur

Molly Victoria Czachur – Master of Marine Biology with International Experience

Molly Czachur from Manchester has completed her fourth year of studies at Bangor and is now gaining international experience during her fifth year. Molly is spending six months in Kenya and six months in Germany.

I'm spending six months here working on an assessment of the mangrove fauna, which is including lots of research and field work as well as teaching/supervising several BSc students in their individual projects.

Charelle TilleyCharelle Tilley

Charelle Tilley – Midwifery BM (Hons)

Charelle Tilley, is from Rhyl and went to Rhyl High School. After she did the Access To Higher Education course in Llandrillo college before coming to Bangor.

Midwifery is a passion of mine so I just knew I wanted to study it.

Lucy WildbloodLucy Wildblood

Lucy Wildblood – Zoology with Animal Behaviour

Lucy Wildblood is from Poynton, Cheshire and is studying Zoology with Animal Behaviour.

I love the size of the university and the area. It is so easy to meet people and make new friends. Everything and everyone are never too far away.

Shannon VaughanShannon Vaughan

Shannon Vaughan – Philosophy & Religion and English Literature

Shannon Vaughan is 18 and from Manchester.

I feel completely supported by any member of staff I’ve ever spoken to, they will really go out of their way to help you when they can.

Temiloluwa ObiyemiTemiloluwa Obiyemi

Temiloluwa Obiyemi – Law

Temiloluwa Obiyemi, 25 from Vienna, Austria is studying Law at Bangor. She’s currently in her second year.

I love the course, although it is hard and very effortful, we learn about so many interesting cases, we have the chance to listen to amazing guest lectures and we have wonderful and brilliant lecturers.

Zoë KiziltanZoë Kiziltan

Zoë Kiziltan – Sport Science

Zoë Kiziltan, 19, from Liverpool, is in her first year studying for a BSc in Sport Science.

I love my course especially the amount of research based work I can do and will be able to do as the course continues.

Satsuki IshiiSatsuki Ishii

Satsuki Ishii – Chemistry

Satsuki Ishii is from Kawaguchi (Japan) and is studying BSc in Chemistry.

My Personal Tutor is very supportive and is always willing to help whenever I have a problem academically or otherwise. I appreciate how I can just drop in and have a chat about what’s happening and I have someone I can rely on whenever things get too much.

Harriet GlennHarriet Glenn

Harriet Glenn – Midwifery BM (Hons)

Harriet Glenn is originally from Colwyn Bay. She is studying Midwifery.

The course is intensive and I wanted to stay close to home so I could see my family on days off, the lecturing team were friendly and welcoming.

Samantha PowellSamantha Powell

Samantha Powell – Psychology

Sammy Powell is from Wiltshire. She studied A Levels and undertook an apprenticeship and is now studying Psychology.

All my lecturers have always provided online material and weekly drop-in times for help on their modules, plus they work by a 2-day response time for their emails, so help is always there!

Haikal SubahanHaikal Subahan

Haikal Subahan – BSc in Psychology with Clinical and Health Psychology

Haikal is studying a BSc in Psychology with Clinical and Health Psychology, and is originally from Singapore.

People were always connected to each other. Everyone knew everyone. Most importantly, everyone was friendly and I had a great time.

Alysha KhanAlysha Khan

Alysha Khan – Linguistics

Alysha Khan is from London and currently studying Linguistics at Bangor University.

I'll miss the little moments and memories that I create each day whilst being here.