Student Profile: Satsuki Ishii – Chemistry

Satsuki IshiiSatsuki Ishii

My name is Satsuki Ishii, I'm from Japan. I'm currently studying BSc in chemistry

What were you doing before you came to University?

I studied at Moreton Hall in Oswestry, Shropshire completing my A levels in Maths, Chemistry and Chinese.

Why did you decide to come to University in Bangor?

I actually came through clearing but the admission team in Bangor was so kind and supportive when I rang to find out about a possible placement. After researching more about the university, I though Bangor is a brilliant place to study!! Brilliant student feed back, location and support. This is why I’ve decided to study in Bangor.

What do you like about Bangor University and the School of Chemistry?

I think, the amount of communication we get from the student support centre shows how much the university values the students. There are workshops every week to help us in many ways including CV writing, how to cope with exam pressures, revision techniques etc. This is the same in the school of chemistry. Every lecturer in our department is very supportive and approachable. However it’s not just the lecturers, the school of chemistry also have a brilliant technician team. They are AMAZING!! I could have not completed my lab modules without them. Bangor is full of kindness and support and this is why I love my department and university.

What do you like about your course?

We get hands on support from academics which is quick and so helps build our understanding of the subject within a short period of time. The course is quite varied and so we are able to build upon many skills as opposed to just our chemistry skills, e.g presentation, international communication, etc.

What do you think of your Tutors/Personal Tutors?

My Personal Tutor is very supportive and is always willing to help whenever I have a problem academically or otherwise. I appreciate how I can just drop in and have a chat about what’s happening and I have someone I can rely on whenever things get too much.

What do you think of Bangor’s facilities and environment?

There has been a recent addition to Bangor which is Pontio. This is a great study area and provides a space for both academic and sociable times. Within the department, there are many facilities including a computer lab, lots of high tech machines which we’re taught to use, a tea room and it’s own lecture theatres. The position of the city is within a very beautiful part of North Wales as there are mountains, the sea, and transport links to plenty of other places.

My plan is to have a PhD within chemistry and I’m having a lot of help from the staff by finding out what it I they research so that I can find an area in which I would enjoy carrying on my education.

The city is very student-friendly and accommodates both the educational side of things and the social side. There are large libraries with computer facilities and there are plenty of coffee shops and restaurants as well so Bangor has a lot for what is classed as a small city.

Erasmus Placement in Germany

Satsuki undertook an Erasmus placement during the summer of her 2nd year and went to Frankfurt in Germany to work for Prof. Alexander Heckel in the Department of Organic Chemistry, University of Frankfurt. Her project was based on light responding compounds and its application to DNA. Satsuki said of her placement: “I feel going on Erasmus placement at the end of second year was very beneficial as I was able to see the real research environment as well as able to learn to work independently before the third year project starts. It was only two months, however I've learnt a lot and been able to mature as a scientist. I feel it has also reaffirmed my desire to go on to further study.