Sports Scholarship Local Bursary – Catrin Jones

Catrin Haf Jones, 17, from Bangor

School: Ysgol Friars, Bangor

Sport: Weightlifting

Ranking: Wales Senior Champion & GB U20 Champion

At present in her weight Class Catrin is Welsh & British; Schools and Youth Champion as well as multiple record holder in these classes, the Welsh champion and record holder up to 21 year old level, and the current British Senior Champion.

She holds Multiple British records for the under 15, 16, 17 & 20 year olds in 44kg & 48kg class

Catrin has competed at world level and in doing so she secured 8th place in the World Youths championships, breaking the British and Welsh records and being ranked 8th in the World at 44kg body weight in 2015.

In September 2015 Catrin represented Wales at the Commonwealth Youth Games in Samoa where she was selected to carry the Welsh Flag for Team Wales in the opening ceremony. She achieved the first gold medal of the games for Wales, and is now ranked number 1 in the Commonwealth for the 48kg weight class and age group.

In September 2016, she competed in European Youths in Poland securing a Bronze medal and silver in snatch.

In October 2016, Catrin finished 8th in the World Youths, and carried her total over to the Commonwealth Weightlifting Championships competition which she secured a Silver in the Youths and Silver in Juniors.

Current Results/Ranking 2015 - 2016

8th World Youth 44kg Class 2015
1st Commonwealth Youth 48kg Class (Multi event games) 2015 until next games
1st British Schools 48kg Class 2016
1st British Youths 48kg Class 2016
1st British Senior 48kg Class 2016
3rd European Youth Champion / 2nd Snatch
8th World Youth 48kg Class 2016
2nd Commonwealth Youth Championships 48kg Class 2016 (Annual competition)
2nd Commonwealth Junior Championships 48kg Class 2016 (Annual competition)

Record of Achievements

October 20, 2016

Competition:  World Youths / Commonwealth Youth Weightlifting Championship, Malaysia
Class: 48kg (body weight 47.34kg)
Snatch: 63kg                          
Clean & Jerk: 80kg      
Total: 143kg                     
Position: 8th
Commonwealth Youth 2nd place Silver medal
Commonwealth Juniors 2nd place Silver medal

September 12, 2016

Competition: European Youth Weightlifting Championship, Poland
Class: 48kg (body weight 47.14kg)
Snatch:  65kg (Equal British record)                              
Clean & Jerk:  78kg      
Total:  143kg                     
Position: 3rd place Bronze medal / 2nd place silver medal snatch

June 17, 2016

Competition: Eleiko European Women’s Grand Prix, Tenerife
Class:  48kg (body weight 47.38kg)
Snatch: 60kg                          
Clean & Jerk: 83kg  British Record (U17 & 20 Record) Welsh Record (up to U23)              
Total: 143kg                     
Position: 2nd (Senior Woman) 1st (Woman under 18, highest Sinclair points)

June 11, 2016

Competition: British Seniors, Coventry
Class: 48kg, (body weight 47.6kg)
Snatch: 62kg                          
Clean & Jerk: 77kg                        
Total: 139kg                     
Position: 1st

May 28, 2016

Competition: British Youths, Castleford
Class: 48kg, (body weight 47.4kg)
Snatch: 61kg                          
Clean & Jerk: 78kg                        
Total: 139kg                     
Position: 1st

March 12, 2016

Competition: Welsh Senior Championship, Bangor University
Class: 48kg, (body weight 47.7kg)
Snatch: 65kg  British Record (U17 & 20 Record) Welsh Record (up to U23)
Clean & Jerk:  81kg  British Record (U17 Record) Welsh Record (up to U23)            
Total: 146kg British Record (U17 & 20 Record) Welsh Record (up to U23)
Position: 2nd (5 British records broken)

February 27, 2016

Competition: British Age Schools, Castleford
Class: 48kg Youths, (body weight 47.30kg)
Snatch: 63kg British Record (U17 & 20)              
Clean & Jerk: 80kg British Record (U17)        
Total:  143kg    British Record (U17)        
Position: 1st (6 British Records, increased Total British Record by 10kg)

October 31, 2015

Competition:  Celtic Games, Dublin
Class: Youths, (body weight 48.50kg)
Snatch:  58kg        
Clean & Jerk: 75kg      
Total: 133kg   
Position: 1st place in Youth & Juniors (Competition on Sinclair Points)

Selected to represent Wales for the Commonwealth Youth Games, Samoa

September 7, 2015

Competition: Commonwealth Youth Games, Samoa
Class: 48kg (body weight 46.25kg)
Snatch:  54kg        
Clean & Jerk: 72kg      
Total: 126kg   
Position: Gold (1st)

August 15, 2015

Competition: British under 20s & 23s, Crystal Palace
Class: 48kg (body weight 47.85kg)
Snatch: 57kg British Record
Clean & Jerk: 76kg British Record
Total: 133kg British Record
Position: 1st

Selected to represent Great Britain for the World Youth Games, Peru

April 8, 2015

Competition: World Youth Championships, Lima, Peru
Class: 44kg (body weight 43.25kg)
Snatch: 50kg British Record
Clean & Jerk: 70kg British Record
Total: 120kg British Record
Position: 8th

March 8, 2015

Competition: Welsh Seniors, Welsh Institute of Sport, Cardiff
Class: 48kg (body weight 43.45kg)
Snatch: 51kg British Record (44kg record not recorded as comp, 48kg class)
Clean & Jerk: 67kg British Record
Total: 118kg  British Record
Position: 1st (Gold)

February 28, 2015

Competition: British Schools, Oldbury Academy, Birmingham
Class: 44kg
Snatch: 48kg Welsh Record
Clean & Jerk: 66kg British Record
Total:114kg Welsh Record
Position: 1st (Gold)

January 17, 2015

Competition: Welsh Schools, Haverfordwest
Class: 44kg
Snatch: 50kg British Record
Clean & Jerk: 65kg British Record
Total: 115kg British Record  
Position: 1st (Gold)

November 22, 2014

Competition: Celtic Games, Kilmarnock, Scotland
Class: Under 20s, 48kg class (body weight 43.85kg)
Snatch: 46kg Welsh Record
Clean & Jerk: 64kg British Record
Total: 110kg Welsh Record
Position: 1st (Gold)

October 18, 2014

Competition: British Under 18s, Stafford University 
Class: 48kg (body weight 43.00)
Snatch:  47kg British Record  
Clean & Jerk: 63Kg British Record  
Total: 110kg British Record  
Position: 1st (Gold)

June 20, 2014

Competition: International Junior Battle, Austria
Class: On Sinclair Points, body weight 41.5kg
Snatch: 41kg
Clean & Jerk: 56kg Welsh Record
Total: 97kg Welsh Record
Position: 3rd (Bronze)

March 1, 2014

Competition: British Schools, Oldbury Academy, Birmingham 
Class: 40kg
Snatch: 37kg Welsh Record & British Record (need clarification) 
Clean & Jerk: 53Kg Welsh Record & British Record (need clarification) 
Total: 90 kg Welsh Record & British Record (need clarification) 
Position:  1st (Gold)

February 8, 2014

Competition: Welsh Schools, Haverfordwest
Class: 44kg
Snatch: 36kg
Clean & Jerk:  45kg
Total: 81kg
Position:  Gold

Please note:
British records include the Welsh Records

In some cases the British records and Welsh records can be for a number of age groups e.g. Under 18s will be for under 16s and 17s, so more than one record broken at the World Youth Championships, broke British records for under 15, 16