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‘Hey Punk, Sort your Junk’ - end of year campaign to dispose of waste

Bangor Students’ Union and Bangor University are currently working in partnership with Gwynedd Council to reduce waste on the streets in those areas of the city where students live during the last few weeks of term with the ‘Hey Punk, Sort your Junk’ campaign.

The joint-campaign is a great help to students to dispose of excess unrecyclable waste incurred during the moving out process and the campaign has helped to keep the streets at a high standard of cleanliness for a number of years.

Extra collections are being provided by Gwynedd Council that will mean that in addition to the normal black bag/green bin collection there is the opportunity to dispose of excess waste without having to wait until the next scheduled collection.

The additional collection dates for this year are 23 and 31 May on selected streets through Bangor. Students are urged to help keep Bangor tidy by making the most of these collections when moving out of student homes. The blue recycling boxes and the brown food waste bin will be collected as usual on a weekly basis during this time, and all students are encouraged to use these bins as they would normally. The extra collections still hold the same limitations as the regular green bin collections (up to three black bags or up to a full green wheeled bin) and the campaign is encouraging everyone to recycle waste effectively.

Students’ Union President, Conor Savage, said: “We are very happy to be working with Gwynedd Council and the University on this campaign and we’re glad to see no change to the standard of cleanliness on the streets during this time. We’re proud of our students and are constantly trying to strengthen the relationship between the students and Bangor residents; this campaign aids that relationship.”

Gwyn Morris Jones, head of Highways and Municipal services at Gwynedd Council, added:

“Bangor University’s Students’ Union has shown again this year that they are serious in their commitment to responsible waste disposal in the city. Gwynedd Council is proud of the successful partnership approach adopted with the Union and University regarding student waste management over the past 7 years.” 

Publication date: 9 May 2017