It's a 'Rubbish Survival Guide' !

 The Students' Union's Rubbish Survival Guide campaign image The Students' Union's Rubbish Survival Guide campaign imageBangor University Students Union have produced a 16 page bilingual Rubbish Survival Guide booklet aimed at encouraging students to recycle more and keep the streets clear of waste.

The Rubbish Survival Guideis light-hearted and informative student handbook about the waste and recycling collection system in Gwynedd. It has been produced in response to misunderstanding among students in the past about what goes in which bin and waste collection days, as students arrive from different regions and countries – all with their own regional variations when it comes to refuse collections.

This latest campaign builds on the success of the Student Union's previous end of academic year waste disposal campaigns - “Get it Out for Bangor!” and “Hey Punk Sort Your Junk!”

Students’ Union Vice President for Societies & Sustainability, Rich Gorman, said: “The Rubbish Survival Guide was initiated to help keep Bangor’s streets clean and tidy, getting rid of litter and making sure that rubbish ends up in the right bin or recycling box and is put out for collection on the correct day.

“We are also extremely pleased that photographs from the Rubbish Survival Guide have won the national Ecologist Communication Challenge. This is a great achievement and has earned Bangor Students Union much respect.”

Peter Simpson, Gwynedd Council’s Streetscene Manager, said: “This is an extremely positive development. The Students’ Union and the marketing students who have produced the Rubbish Survival Guide should be commended for their innovative work.

The circulation of this guide among the student population will have a positive impact on the quality of the local environment in Bangor.”

Councillor John Wynn Jones, the Chairman of Bangor Pride, added: “I wish to thank and congratulate the Bangor University Students’ Union for producing such an excellent booklet. The Rubbish Survival Guide is yet another example of how the various partners linked to Bangor Pride can make a real difference in the City”

The Bangor Pride University and Students sub group are supported by Gwynedd Council’s Tidy Towns Scheme – a project aimed at helping individuals and groups to take responsibility for the quality of the environment in their local area. This was made possible by funding from the Welsh Government’s Tidy Towns Initiative, which is administered locally by Gwynedd Council, working in partnership with Keep Wales Tidy.

To see a copy of the Rubbish Survival Guide visit:

For further information about Gwynedd Council's Tidy Towns scheme go to: or telephone 01766 771000.


Publication date: 15 November 2011