Bangor students host annual World Aids Day service

Facing the reality of HIV & AIDS

The World Aids Day logoThe World Aids Day logoStudents from Bangor University will converge in the city’s Cathedral next Wednesday (1st December) for Bangor’s annual World AIDS Day service. Bangor Students' Union and the Anglican Chaplaincy will be hosting this service to remember the people who have been lost to this terrible disease, give hope to those suffering from it and to raise awareness of the HIV/AIDS charities working in our area.

The service will include speeches, stories, readings, candlelight and music. It is open to everyone of any/no religion and will be a really positive uniting of communities in the face of a massive threat to human life. The service will last for about 1 hour and tea and coffee will be available in the Cathedral from 7pm before the service itself beings at 7.15pm.

Revd Kenneth Padley, Coordinator of the Bangor University Chaplaincy Team says ‘'The importance and appeal of World AIDS Day has broadened over the last three decades as people have woken up to the fact that AIDS affects everyone. Religious services have always had an important part to play, initially in commemorating the dead and more recently in raising awareness, reducing prejudice, giving thanks for medical breakthroughs, and working for an improvement in facilities for AIDS and HIV sufferers.”

All funds gathered from ribbon and refreshment sales will be donated to AIDS charities.

World AIDS Day is a global event, sparking thousands of gatherings, parties and demonstrations worldwide. Every 10 seconds someone in the world dies from an AIDS related illness. This means that over three times the population of Bangor dies every year.

Please come along to show your support and hope for the future - you will be able to get your red ribbons on the door.

Publication date: 24 November 2011