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Bangor University Awards Peer Guide of the Year 2012

Rebecca Earnshaw has been named Peer Guide of the Year 2012 at Bangor University in recognition of the fantastic support that she has provided to first year students at the University.

Rebecca (20) is a second year German student at the School of Modern Languages. She attended Pursglove College, Guisborough before embarking on her university studies. She received a shield and a £50 High Street store token.

Bangor University's Peer Guiding Scheme helps new students settle in to university life by assigning them to a student already at the University, who has received special training to enable them to assist their fellow students. With over 450 Peer Guide students taking part, it is one of the largest schemes in the country.

Peer Guides help students to socialise, find their way around the town and the University. They can act as important 'sign posts' to accessing further information and support while at university.

"The Peer Guides’ commitment and contribution made to Bangor University life is invaluable” says Kim Davies, Peer Guide Coordinator at Student Support Services. "Not only do the Peer Guides organise and run events through Welcome Week, they are on hand to assist new students in adjusting to University life. They can make a difference between a student deciding to stay or leave during the first few weeks away from home. The also make new and lifelong friendships with their students." she added.

Rebecca was nominated for this award by the first year students she is a Peer Guide to. They nominated her as she is very approachable and willing to give advice whenever needed and has always been there for the students, even when needed on one particular occasion in the middle of the night. One of the nominators mentioned that, without Rebecca, they would have found it really difficult to make friends and that Rebecca had made their first year at Bangor easy and fun.

Thrilled at receiving her award, Rebecca said:

“I decided to become a peer guide as I really like helping people, and it was a way of giving something back to the University. There were many nominees, all of whom have done lots of good things, so it’s really amazing that I have won this honour. I’ve made three really good friends, and we’ve kept in close contact over the last year. I've found peer guiding really enjoyable and really rewarding and I'd recommend it to anyone.”

Publication date: 13 May 2012