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Bangor University continues to invest in the student experience

Bangor University is announcing the creation of 11 new posts across the range of its student support services with additional staffing in areas such as student welfare and library support, funded as part of the University’s commitment to students under the auspices of its new fee plan. Consideration has been given to providing the maximum benefit to students across all disciplines and from all backgrounds.

Maria Graal, Director of Student Experience described the increased investment as ‘part of our holistic approach to developing the student experience. We are committed to helping our students make the transition to University, supporting their academic progression, and preparing them for success after graduation.’

New initiatives include the launch of a new Study Skills Centre and further development of Bangor’s innovative Employability Award including increased provision for work experience and volunteering opportunities. There will also be increased capacity in the area of support for student health and well-being. The new posts will help the University to deliver some of the key objectives in its Student Experience Enhancement Strategy.

Pro-Vice Chancellor (Students), Professor Carol Tully welcomed the news: ‘Bangor University has had an excellent reputation for student support for many years now. We see it as a major priority area and for this reason we are enhancing our services across the board.’

Information about the posts can be found here 

Publication date: 30 May 2012