Bangor University student takes on MTV

A Bangor University student is taking on MTV after their negative portrayal of the Valleys in a new reality TV show.

Osian Williams, 20, originally from South Wales, who is in his third year studying a BA in Communication and Media, has taken it upon himself to create documentary to send a message that the Valleys is a scenic and beautiful area following MTV’s negative portrayal of the area in the new reality TV series ‘The Valleys’

MTV are currently producing the second series of the reality TV show ‘The Valleys’ which is based in the Welsh Valleys.

Osian said: “The way that MTV's The Valleys stereotyped the south Wales valleys was horrendous and that is what inspired this film. We hope to reassure the people of the south Wales Valleys that there is a reason to be proud of our community. We hope to inspire people to create their own opportunities in the valleys.” The documentary is part of a wider campaign by brothers James a Alex Bevan.

Osian hopes to put MTV in their place by producing a controversial programme called 'The Valleys are here.' This second series of the program is currently being produced and Osian’s documentary premiered at the Pop Factory in Rhondda recently. Osian’s role is to direct, and the intention of the programme is to bring a more positive light to the Valleys and to portray the people and the area fairly.

Osain said: "The film gives attention to people in the Valleys who create their own opportunities."

He has worked with the likes of author Rachel Trezise, a group of women who enjoy the sport Roller Derby and a group of young people who have the opportunity to get off the streets to experience life as a fire-fighter.

Film maker Osian, who has also started the company, SSP Media, has already worked for S4C, the BBC and Pontio.

Osian said: “I chose to start a company because of the opportunities that are available at Bangor. It's great how we can work with the University / Students’ Union and so on to produce films for them. I am a big believer in creating your own opportunities in this world.

Osian hopes to graduate this year and continue with his film making in the hope of one day being a successful film director.

"We're filming a variety of things and that for me is the best thing about having the company. We meet lots of interesting people and we have the privilege of producing a variety of creative work based on different things.”

See a trailer for his documentary

Publication date: 21 February 2013