Janie’s ‘Be all you can be’ Bursary competition appeal

Janie Lampard on SnowdonJanie Lampard on SnowdonJanie Lampard, a 19 years old Sports Sciences BSc degree student at Bangor University, has entered a HSBC Bursary Competition.

For the Competition she has created a 90 second video of her project ‘Be all you can be’ (viewable at the Facebook page here HSBC - The Bursary   and if you’re not on facebook, the YouTube video is here).  

Janie’s aim is to bring the message to young people that whatever their physical make up there is a sport that each individual can do.

“Sport is so important in all our lives and it’s important that not only the younger generations but the older ones participate in sport too. It need not be the most strenuous sport, it’s all about creating a sporting community and maintaining a healthy body and mind,” she says. 

JaniJanie LampardJanie Lamparde continues: “If I won this HSBC bursary of £15,000 I would continue to promote my belief that sport can benefit us all. I would do this through using the money to help fund coaching exams to enable me to then progress and begin a scheme for schools introducing the variety of sport available. I would concentrate on giving time to individuals to find a sport for them helping everyone 'Be the best they can be'. The help won’t stop here, the key to a lifetime involvement in sport is motivation. I will continue to develop my idea of a web based 'log book for life' a personal record of goals and achievements.”

“The bursary would allow me to set this up in a professional way and develop it so that in time members will be able to speak to professionals at any point in time. The opportunities are endless.”

Janie, who was born in Bangor and lives in Llanberis, has now moved to Bangor university accommodation to study.  

She says: “I chose to study at Bangor University as I felt no need to travel further afield when everything I was interested in was right on my door step, I was also very lucky to have a University of such a high standard so close to home.” 

Janie says: “I was brought up in a very active family, with both parents being very hard workers and enthusiastic mountaineers it meant that we were always keeping busy and discovering new things. I have ridden horses since a very young age and have progressed to team level I now ride my horse Troy, who I’ve owned since the age of 12, in the Gwynedd show jumping team, Llandudno riding club team, in BHS cross country competitions and in many unaffiliated ones. I am a young instructor within the pony club and it’s in coaching that my interest lie. I have played netball throughout school for the team and also swam for the school.  

"I love living in north Wales as the opportunities are endless. I really enjoy walking in the mountains and also being close to the sea."

Publication date: 27 September 2011