Life in Tech Law: guest speaker gives students an insight into the work of a tech lawyer

Some of Bangor’s aspiring young lawyers have received an eye-opening introduction to the field of technology law.

Robert Baugh, General Counsel at conferencing company LoopUp, was invited to speak to students of the Startup Law module by module leader Dr Pedro Telles. He discussed the day-to-day role of a General Counsel, the value the position can add to a start-up company like LoopUp, and the challenges and opportunities one can expect to face in such a career.

As well as encouraging the students to think more widely about their career paths, Mr Baugh’s visit included an interactive session which incorporated what they had learnt during the course of the module.

“The interactive session focussed on a scenario in which a CIO wanted to set up an office in Indonesia and recruit software engineers to supplement their engineering team in San Francisco”, explained Mr Baugh. “I split the students into groups and asked them to look at the question from an in-house lawyer’s perspective – what the business is trying to achieve, the risks and opportunities, and the major discussion points about starting a business in Indonesia.”

“The students really impressed me with the energy they put into it, the commerciality they showed in their answers and how they considered all viewpoints.”

Read more about the visit on the LoopUp blog.

Publication date: 13 January 2014