Love Music Hate Homophobia makes it to Wales

Bangor University students teamed up with the Students’ Union, Unity Bangor and Amnesty Bangor to throw one of the best gigs this term (6.12.11).  

Love Music Hate Homophobia (LMHH) is a national campaign that works to tackle homophobic behaviour by shedding light on the issues surrounding it while showcasing local music talent. The campaign was created through a joint effort between the NUS LGBT Campaign and United Against Fascism to counter efforts by fascist groups like the EDL/WDL and BNP. It has gone around the UK and has now come to Wales for the first time..

The line up includes Bangor SU president Jo Caulfield and Aberystwyth Guild president Ben Meakin who will be thrashing out Indie Electro tunes throughout the night. Sama Abdul will finish the night off with some Progressive Underground Techno.

“I think this is a fantastic initiative taken by the students union and we hope other Universities across Wales follow suit.” said Zahid Raja who sits on the national Love Music Hate Homophobia steering committee. The event will also work as a model for other campaigning and fundraising events to be run in the area, such as Love Music Hate Racism which is set to come to Bangor in March.

Many national organisations and charities that work with issues surrounding sexuality and gender have often been criticised for failing to engage with north Wales, so the LMHH event in Bangor aims to change this by mainly supporting local charities that work in north Wales.

Publication date: 5 December 2011