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NSS success for History and Archaeology at Bangor University

The release of the 2015 National Student Survey (NSS) results has seen phenomenal success for the School of History, Welsh History and Archaeology.

The School achieved a hugely impressive 100% overall satisfaction score in Archaeology and 97% overall satisfaction score in History, placing it in the UK Top 10 for both subject areas. In fact, Bangor University is now rated FIRST in the UK in the Archaeology subject area.

The success for the School of History, Welsh History and Archaeology mirrors that of Bangor University as a whole, which remains in the UK top 10 (and FIRST in Wales) for Overall Student Satisfaction; as well as for measures including: Teaching, Academic Support and Teaching and Feedback.

The results are drawn from the National Student Survey, a poll of around half a million graduating students at each university in the UK, which provides the most comprehensive feedback on the student experience at each institution.

Head of School Dr Peter Shapely commented, “This is a fantastic result. It reflects the hard work and dedication of all staff members in constantly striving to provide excellence in all aspects of teaching and learning.

“We take the student experience very seriously, involving students in the decision-making processes and continuing an open dialogue at all times. Good communication and a student-led environment have enabled us to be sensitive and responsive to student needs.”

The past twelve months have seen great success for the School of History, Welsh History and Archaeology in the areas research and student achievement - these latest NSS results are the icing on the cake. The School is now looking forward to welcoming new and returning students to Bangor in September, and the start of another successful 12 months!

Publication date: 18 August 2015