Our Peer Guides are on hand....

If you're one of our new first students our peer guides will be on hand to help you if you’re ever not sure about where you should be during welcome week or the subsequent weeks.

This year Darren Rhodes is the psychology Head Peer Guide and he’ll be around ready to help with any peer guide questions you may have.

Contact details for Darren will be displayed down at the Wheldon reception but if you can’t wait till then here’s a quick word from him:

Darren RhodesDarren Rhodes“Hello Bangor University Psychology Freshers! My name is Darren Rhodes and I am the head peer guide for this academic year 2010/11. The Bangor Psychology Peer Guide scheme operates to make your welcome week experience comfortable, welcoming and amazing. But we don’t stop there... your peer guide will always be on hand to give you advice about issues you may be concerned about throughout the year.

Your peer guide will help you throughout the first week – this will start by welcoming you to Bangor when you arrive! Your peer guide will give you information about the different activities in welcome week and also give you geographical information about where certain buildings are, and where certain buildings are not. Please do not hesitate to ask your peer guide any question (within reason – some questions such as ‘What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?’ may be tricky to answer); they will endeavour to find out what you need and point you in the right direction; be that pastorally or geographically.

There will be plenty to do in welcome week; quizzes, human table football, karaoke, beach trips, lion taming and a host of other activities to prepare you for the absolutely superb first year you will encounter here at Bangor University.

If you need assistance (lost your peer guide?) or need other information about welcome week then please don’t hesitate to email me: psu825@bangor.ac.uk

Publication date: 1 September 2010