SENRGy’s Geographical Society named Bangor University Society of the Year

SENRGy’s Geog Soc have been honoured as Bangor University’s Society of the Year.  Geog Soc, founded in 2004, beat off competition from over 80 other societies to pick up the award.  Better still, Geog Soc have also won the 2012 Environmental Award for their much publicised work with Fairtrade, Earth Hour and Go Green Week.  There was also personal recognition for SENRGy students Chris Bibby and Charlie Wild, both part of the Geog Soc Chairperson team, who won Gold and Silver Individual Awards, respectively at the awards ceremony.

Geog Soc’s four awards reflect a fantastic committee and member effort in raising the profile of the society. This year, Geog Soc have embarked on a University- and City-led campaign for Fairtrade, highlighting its importance through a series of events across the University and the wider community.  Geog Soc’s Fairtrade activities received coverage in local and national newspapers and were quoted as “bridging the gap” between students and the local community.  The campaign also helped to increase the society’s voice to the wider North Wales.

Additional Geog Soc activities have included a visit to the Natural History Museum in London, part funded by SENRGy, which has been credited by the Students’ Union as a fantastic example of ways in which a society can work with its school. Educational films have been showcased; highlighting important issues such as Global Food and Agriculture, Fairtrade Coffee and the impact that human activity has on our environment.

Society Chairperson, Chris Bibby said “It’s been a fantastic year for our society, we are all extremely proud of what we have achieved as a committee, but we couldn’t have done it without individuals who got so involved with our events. Next year we’ll continue with our success, with current Events Officer, and second year Geographer, Beth Dann taking over as Society Chair. With exciting new ideas, it can only help further with our growth, and with potential sponsorship on the horizon, it’s going to be another great year”

The events for this year will be wrapped up on Friday 11th May, with a Summer Ball to be attended by 60 SENRGY students from across all years. 

Geog Soc thanks everyone for their involvement, and it hopes to see many of its members back next year!

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Publication date: 8 May 2012